Thursday, January 31, 2008

1:13 pm

I like Florida. It's warm here. And I'll overlook the fact that it's full of airborne flu germs (this is not a scientific assessment).

I went out to the bus and rooted through my bunk, the closets and the bays, and realized that I've accumulated a lot of stuff over the course of this tour. And I think I've accumulated less than everybody else. The question though, "how do I cram all this stuff in my suitcase?" remains unanswered. I had everything planned out, stuffwise. I left plenty of room for the jackets, hoodies and things that I bought. But I was thrown off by the giant plaque. Plus, yesterday Vashon gave me a bunch of DKNY clothes that didn't fit him. I was grateful, but now it's a little tricky.

I finally got everything up to my hotel room. Here's where it gets interesting.

Also, we all know how I don't like to splurge on room service, but today I'm going for it.

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  1. Does U-Haul have a trailer that could be hitched to the back of the airplane to carry your stuff?

  2. I'm here at the arena mike!! I saw some dancers.. And I see 3 buses and another bus that isn't identical to the othert 3