Thursday, January 31, 2008

4:48 pm

We're soundchecking right this minute. I'm typing as I play.

Everybody's got their camera's out. It's like the last day of school. Except most of us are sad.

Miley wants to do some different songs tonight, so we just played through Clear and Bigger Than Us. Only problem is we have all the video and stuff locked in.

So, no changes here.

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  1. Did the bass player practice spitting fire on Rock and Roll All Night? That would be great for the last show...if he does it right.

  2. So.. no playing Clear?
    And no playing Bigger Than Us?

    That'd be so cool if you guys played them.

    I love Bigger Than Us.. I was crushed when it was taken off the setlist.

    Same reaction to Clear..

  3. this is so sad, the biggest tour of the year is ending! Good luck tonight and thanks for everything

  4. i hope you can get some pictures and videos and upload them!!!

  5. the "boss" should let miley and you guys jam to whatever you want for the encore tonight. just turn off all the videos and stuff then!

  6. Uncle Bob here Mike. Great tour man. Give the love to Candice and Gabi from Uncle Bob. Tell them I owe them big time and when they are ready to come back to Michigan, I am taking care of them.

  7. I was screaming your name when miley was outside with her white sunglasses and perace shirt.

  8. aww i'd be really sad too. have fun tonight! :)