Friday, January 11, 2008

Day Camp

On the final day of the DC/Baltimore odyssey, my friends Sarah and Joe Camp stole me away from the bus, and I rode with them to the Inner Harbor in Baltimore, where we walked around and wasted time, in the fun way.

We found the coolest Barnes and Noble on the planet, which looked like something out of Bioshock:

And the contender for Worst-Titled Book goes to:

The show that night was crazy because our venue in Baltimore was not very accommodating. They gave us a tiny dressing room, which we could all barely fit into, so we thought we would just do what we always do with a crappy dressing room: spend our before-the-show time on the bus.

But not in Baltimore! They didn't want our buses on, for some strange reason, so they made us cut the power to all the buses. No TV, no lights, we even had to shut off our refrigerator, which made us concerned that our food would go bad. Not cool, Baltimore. And not pro.

Sarah and Joe and I just hung out on the bus anyway. In the dark. And talked. That was nice, for a change, anyway.

Because this show was so close to home, a lot of my friends and fans showed up. They were screaming, "Mike! Miiiiike!" And at first, I didn't notice because I'm so used to hearing, "Miley! Miiiiiley!"

It's weird to have fans. And honestly, it's even weirder that I have friends.

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  1. Hello, Camp!
    You are the greatest last name ever.
    Love always,
    Aly Camp

  2. That's a fantastic looking B&N! I wanna go!

  3. Mike, I'm sorry you had such bad accomodations in my home town. There are negotiations going on for a new arena here in Baltimore....which we really need. The old one is outdated and I think that's what caused the inconveniences you experienced. The show was fantastic anyway! Glad you found the Barnes & Noble and I hope you enjoyed the inner harbor. Did you get a crabcake?
    Gail B.

  4. Mike-

    You crack me up. I love reading your blog and being entertained. Good luck on the rest of tour!

  5. i 2 am sorry that for that little upset u had in my favorite place were i wish i still lived lol.
    I <3 MD.
    I love the inner harbor tho! it is so coooooool. and is that the barnes and nobles next to the hard rock cafe????????
    and Did u see that boat which is painted like a shark?

  6. haha "DC/Baltimore odyssey"

    Your also my hero for thinking we have the coolest barns and noble :) expect, I've never been in that one. hahha is it the one by the espn zone thing?

    That arena is awful. I've never been there before, and since I went to so many JB/MC/HM concerts, I was use to amazing arenas, and this one sucked

    But the one good thing about it was the security was not ready for all the screaming kids soooo we got to go a lot closer then are seats. it rocked.

    But the only time I got on your side was during we've got the party with us! crazy, I know.

    Oh and I was definitely one of those "MIIIIKE!" yellers. haha I was also the first person to "spot" you. you were just walking on the sidewalk, and I was like, look! its mike the blogger. I also mimed playing a keyboard.

    The people around me didn't think it was you. and then you walked past the gate, sooo they were sure I was wrong. but then you came and went in later. haha I was also the first one to spot Garbo but that's another story.

    I was also one of the people to take a picture with you! I'm surely a fan.

    haha they really didn't want you guys in the busses, did they?

    the end.

  7. you play bioshock, that means you play 360. your awesome =).