Monday, September 28, 2009


An awesome shot from flickr user tevee123, taken at the Phoenix show.  Go HERE to see many more incredible shots from that night.

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

What Are You Looking Forward To?

This time around, I'm psyched that I get to use a wireless keytar, and leave Schmid Island for a bit.  Sure, the Island is a great vacation destination, but sometimes you need a vacation from your vacation, you know?

What are you most excited about for this tour?

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Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Today Show

It was early, it was wet.

There was water dripping down from the top of the tent onto my keyboards, so I laid a towel on some of the keys and marked them off limits.

Somebody made me a sign!  Please do this during the tour.  I need to know where ma' fans at.

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Here We Go Again!

After many hours and days and weeks of rehearsals, we're ready to hit the road and perform our humongously entertaining show for you!

I've been packing all night; trying to cram 2 weeks' worth of clothes into a tiny weekender bag. Good idea, Mike. But eventually, I won. 

My computer is freshly upgraded (after I gutted the thing and replaced a couple parts... cause I'm too cheap to buy a new laptop), and all my gear has found a cozy home in my backpack.  I'm hoping to finish my new album on the road.

Flying out in the morning.

Portland, here we come!

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