Sunday, January 13, 2008

Milwaukee Must Be Native American for "Awful"

After being spoiled rotten by our day off at the Royal Park Hotel in Rochester, Michigan, yesterday's day off at the Hilton in Milwaukee left much to be desired. I opened the door to my room and my jaw dropped. Not much to the room. But I continued to discover brand new disappointments throughout the day. Here are the bullet points:

  • The bathroom smelled like death
  • The toilet was not a toilet, it was a commode (let your mind wander)
  • The TV had only a couple channels - no Comedy Central, Bravo, VH1, MTV, etc
  • I couldn't plug in my PlayStation, cause they bolted off the connections
  • The internet was $10
  • The lights were all fluorescent and made a loud hum when turned on
  • The walls were paper thin and I could hear my neighbors on both sides
  • In addition, I was serenaded by Jaco, in the room below me, all day and all night, bellowing at the top of his lungs
There was one thing that impressed me though. This:

This however, turned out to be false, as I had a housekeeping woman knock on my door. Twice. Oh Hilton. Try harder.

So I thought, "well if the room is so terrible, I should probably go out." Yeah. Milwaukee's not so well known for their amazing shopping and culture. It was like a wasteland out there. And cold. So I asked about a theater. The concierge said, "we don't really have any around here." Isn't this supposed to be a city?

But now we're headed to Chicago to make up for it.

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  1. hahahaha. i live 15 minutes out of milwaukee and i feel the same way about it.

    i was at the show tonight though, and it was great. i saw you and thought you looked vaguely familiar and i was like "OH! he's from the blog!". i proceeded to yell out your first name, and then quit after the 10 year olds gave me the dirtiest looks achieveable.

    but great show! really!

  2. lol yeah id say MI isnt really the bst place to find moie theaters lol xD my town i used to live in there hadno theater it ws about a couple hours away, Grand rapidsor Kalmazoo howeverit was kindaa small town HA most peopl have never even heard of i and whe ibring it up however i hope you have fin in othe places, BTW even at our houseit was bad lets just say people lie to clib down ropes on the sid of it? o.o
    bt yeah like i said MI isnt the best place.

  3. haha I'm glad I'm not from there!

    but marylands not that bad, right?

    haha I saw you twice last week! I'm amazed I didn't see you in greensboro and philly as well.

    waaaaay of subject.

    haha I laughed out loud when I read the part about the humming. I've had that so many times in hotels its not even funny.

    I once stayed in a hotel where their was a cigarette butt in the toilet of a non smoking room. and there were 100's of misquotes on the ceiling, so we had to turn the air up all the way to try and kill them.

    psh I win.

  4. alishlop: Don't let the 10 year olds get you down!