Monday, January 21, 2008

Jaco Enjoys a Little Vanity

Okay, the clip below requires a tiny bit of setup.

Jaco likes to look at himself. He loves to have his picture taken. He also loves to then make that picture his desktop wallpaper, his phone background, and probably he would tape some photos of himself to the walls in his bunk if he could. During the show, he spends quite a bit of time checking himself out on the JumboTron.

Also, he loves to hear himself. I think his guitar has been creeping up in volume throughout the months.

The other day at soundcheck, Jaco was given a present, which also included some helpful instructions...

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  1. bahah Jaco is hillarious!!
    thanks for this awesome video, and good luck with the rest of the tour!

  2. Hahaha nice.
    Man tour looks like fun. Good luck with the rest of it (:
    It's pretty kick ass that you keep us updating on behind the scenes and such ^_^


  3. haha thats hilarious. i love these type of videos that show us behind the scenes stuff on tour. thats why i really want to see the concert movie in theaters, but i dont think i can. but i heard the dvd comes out april 15th so im definitely going to buy that. thanks for posting the video. and if you can, you should definitely post more like this.

  4. That was sucha fun video!! MIKE DO MORE!! :D

  5. i loved that video! i love seeing behind the scenes.

  6. hey thanks for the video... keep posting the behind the scene it... you should post more videos of what you guys do on a typical day before and after a show...that will be cool to see. Rock On!!


  7. That Was Hilarious.
    Jaco Is Crazy.
    Your Awesome.
    Mileys Beautiful
    And So Is Kay.

    Love Yall!

  8. Glad you all enjoyed the video! I'll try to take some more for you.

  9. haha this is great, you guys seem like you have sooooo much fun!! thanks for the video, i really enjoyed it

  10. Jaco sound pretty into himselfm too bad he's not that attractive.wake up dude

  11. haha i loved that video!...hopefully you can get some more up before the tour ends

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