Friday, January 4, 2008

What Should I Eat?!

Good ol' Iggy from the crew mentioned a few weeks back that I was sick frequently. His sweet readers became concerned about my diet. So Iggy has posted a poll, asking what you think I should eat. So, go vote. Only 22 hours left till the polls close.

In other news, this is all moot cause I've been healthy since before Christmas. I think I finally shook the unshakable cold.

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  1. Grape nerds? Funny, my workbox is this odd colors that they described as "cotton candy with purple nerds melted into it"

    We should do a picture tag one day during the show.

  2. eat more alkaline protein foods, like banannas, pinaple, brocolli, fish, kale, spinach, won't get as sick. When you're sick, your body is on the acidic side...but too much alkali foods are also not good, only when you're weak. I say get a decent nutrition book and learn to eat a full balanced diet.