Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Hennebergers and Fries

The day of our DC show, I met up with my cousin Mark Henneberger, and his daughter, Danielle, at a local tavern.

Much catching up and much tour chat. While in this Georgetown tavern, Jamie and Stacy came in for lunch, and a few minutes later, tour manager Charlie and dancer Christina showed up. Within a certain radius of our hotels, we're pretty much guaranteed to see other show folks when we go out for meals.

But I digress. Mark is ridiculously smart, and designs submarines for a living. He employs about 1000 people. And Danielle works at a splendid towering Cathedral, of which she was happy to give us a tour.

Absolutely gorgeous. They held a contest to Design A Gargoyle, so we saw some really strange ones, like the Darth Vader gargoyle, and the gas mask gargoyle.

She walked us through the grand and overwhelming main hall, and then took us to the contrasingly dumpy basement area.

Dani works in the Center for Global Justice and Reconciliation. They're currently working on eradicating Malaria, which seems like a pretty good idea.

Also, we saw the very spot in the cathedral where Hellen Keller and her companion are buried.

The stainglass windows were some of the most beautiful I've seen:

Strangely enough, in this traditional old-world cathedral, there were brand new flatscreen TVs on every column.

Dani and Mark were joined by their family at the show later that evening, and afterwards we stopped at the Tombs for the juiciest burgers in existence. I still dream about them.

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  1. Sounds like you had a fun time! And that stained glass window is BEAUTIFUL!! btw, ive been meaning to tell you that you should look up hannah montana tickets on youtube and put it on the most recently added videos, there are some adorably cute videos of girls receiving tickets for christmas and screaming their heads off (some even cry because they are so happy) haha, you might enjoy some of them, also I just notice the thing about the flat screen tvs thats CRAZY!

  2. Those hamburgers were absolutely fantastic... ill have to go back and have another soon haha! and that pic of the stained glass turned out lovely, Im glad that I got to exchange a tour for a tour!!! It was so great to see you again! Don't let it be another decade!