Saturday, January 5, 2008

Kind of a Big Deal on Broadjam

Apparently my song "Forget You" was the most downloaded song of 2007 on Broadjam. This is pretty amazing and strange to me for a few reasons:

1.) Broadjam is a gigantic site with tens of thousands of musicians featured.
2.) There was a lot of good music in 2007.
3.) The song "Forget You" was just a demo that I never intended to release, recorded only as a tool for another recording artist (my sister) to learn the song. But my demo was featured on "The Black Donnellys" on NBC, and all of a sudden people just started downloading it and never stopped. I have recorded a brand new version of it with a string quartet for my upcoming album.

As Chuck Lee Bramlet said about songwriting, "You never know which one of your bastard children is going to wander out into the world and make something of itself."

Too true.

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  1. Congrats! that is awesome!!! And I can't wait for the New Years Part 2 lol!! good luck in the concert tonight, i really wanted to come but I couldn't get a ride :(

  2. Your song was on The Black Donnellys? I have that show on dvd! Which episode is it in? That show had some awesome music then it got cancelled :\

  3. Where can you hear Forget You at?
    I can't find it on Broadjam lol

  4. Thanks Holly and Dina!

    Lynette: I actually had several songs placed on The Black Donnellys. "Forget You" and "In My Dream" were both in episode two. "Gone to Pieces," "I Won't Sleep Tonight" and "Dear Me" were featured in various episodes as well.

    Ami: "Forget You" is still available for download at for 99 cents. And the new version will be on my upcoming album, out this spring.

    that's a big accomplishment
    seems like you had a lot of rough times in 2007 but i'm glad to hear it ended well with the most downloadable song on broadjam so i'm gonna go check that song out

  6. Mike, that is great! Way to go. I am looking forward to your album. Keep us posted on it. I know I definitely want to get it when it comes out.

  7. i heard joe jonas got hurt at tonights concert and went to the hospital... what happened?

  8. Mike, as I said before the music was definitely the best thing about "The Black Donnellys". Congrats on the recognition for your music and I look forward to your CD. Oh, you were all FANTASTIC on New Year's Eve!
    Gail B.

  9. I love that song forget you because it is one of the most honest songs I have heard in a long time... and I'm sure a lot of people can relate to it when they go through breakups :) Congratulations!!!!

  10. I only have one thing to say: Your song is absolutely beautiful.