Thursday, January 31, 2008

3:19 pm

On the bus with the band, headed to the venue. Kay and Candice think we're gonna cry tonight. We'll see.

There's no water left and we're all thirsty. I might cry about that.

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  1. OMG mike! I think i might even cry!!!! love the live blogging thing-keeping me from doing my homework! whatevea-screw teachers. You guys are so funny! i serousily think I might cry! have fun tonight!

  2. have fun tonight and rock your hearts out! you don't know how much all of us appreciate what all of you have done to make each concert so spectacular! say hi and thanks to everybody there!

  3. I love that your blogging the whole day! I hope you have fun tonight at the last show! :)

    Oh and feel better!

  4. hmmm I wonder who will cry the most.

    I'm thinking Jaco.

  5. I hope you all have fun tonight! And I also hope u feel better. Try not to get tears on your keyboard

  6. I love the live blogging...I decided to leave my english homework to see if anything new had happened.

    Well have fun tonight!! Good Luck!