Saturday, January 26, 2008

Land of the Cajuns

Last night, at the Cajundome, we dressed inside a basketball.

This is also the dressing room for the Ragin' Cajuns, who are on a winning streak, I'm told. I like the little orange outlets in the bottom left corner.

Yesterday, we were working Everlife into the show, so we had a long soundcheck/rehearsal, in which there was much waiting. So we threw a Mini Cuddle Party.

L. to R. - Miley, Jaco and Candice

They're actually laying on the stage.

Also laying on the stage, this note:

And after a long day of rehearsal and playing and driving, this was waiting for me on the windowsill in my room at the Ritz Carlton.

Dead Bird

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  1. Your blogs are so entertaining Mike! And pictures just make them that much better!

    I have to say though...the dead bird would have freaked me out!

  2. Rest in peace little bird... rest in peace.

  3. I like looking at the picture on you blog, Miley looks like she's having a great time on tour.

    Miley Rocks =).

  4. Kay, so I started laughin when I saw the dead bird.

    It reminded me of when a bird somehow got into my house, and we had to chase it around for over an hour trying to get it out. That was an hour from HELL.

    I love your blog :]

  5. DAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA that picture of the tape on the stage is SOOO funny DAAHDAHAHAHAHAHA

  6. Mike,

    I've really been enjoying your blog. Will the entire band be back together when Miley performs at the Rodeo in Houston in March?

  7. Haha, I love the pictures!

  8. who is that person hiding out in the first picture? haha i can only see thier shoes. =]

  9. Technically the caption should read L. to R.

  10. "Currently at the Ritz Carlton in New Orleans. Worst. Wallpaper. Ever."

    i kind of like it...