Thursday, January 31, 2008

In the King's Thrall

Tonight's show in Jacksonville was a hard one. We were all very tired and I was having trouble just standing up. I've gotten extremely sick (but of course!) and I'm currently in the throes of King Fluvius!

Many of you have been asking if I'll continue blogging after the tour ends. Most definitely! I'll still be here, doing my thing. I hope you'll stay with me.

It's 4:30AM, and we've just arrived in Miami. The sun is rising, so that means it's time to get some shut eye.

But first, here's a quick pic of that sweet plaque (click on pic to enlarge):

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  1. So cool to say that once again... i'm in the same city as all of ya'll are in! This is so surreal... last date of the tour? WOW! I'm not even in it and i feel that its flown - i can't imagine how you guys feel! Well i woke up early because now my body's used to the school time but no school for me today - woohooo! Thank god, i hate to sit through a class being antsy :P Well i'll be on the live blogging today but i will not be able to comment since it won't let you open an other page on the sidekick :[ Take care see you in approx. 11 hours :)

  2. WOW! Nice plaque. Cant believe we are in the very same city- how cool! I wont be seeing the show again seeing as how I saw it in sunrise but I have tons of friends/family going! good luck!! enjoy the last stop! I'll most definitely keep chekin back.

  3. Mike, I've enjoyed the time spent with you so far and truly appreciate your sharing this tour with us. I'll stay tuned for updates as the day goes by. Glad to hear you'll be keeping up the blog. Have a great show tonight and enjoy every moment!

    Sherry H. in Delaware (15+ year Lifetime member of the Billy Ray Cyrus SPIRIT Fan Club and charter member of MileyWorld Fan Club.)

  4. yay your gonna continue blogging!!!.....oh yea and nice plaque!

  5. Hope you and the crew feel better. Take care.

  6. Beautiful plaque mike.

    i'm glad your not going anywhere. your blog is to amazing is stop!

    Feel better!