Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Would You Like My Left Kidney, Too?

I was so hungry yesterday morning when I woke at the Fairmont. I thought maybe I'd order some room service.

I thought wrong:
Yes indeed. And there's a $4 delivery charge and a 22% gratuity on top of that. I just wasn't game for a $15 bowl of Corn Flakes. Or for the $21 pancakes. Call me reasonable.

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  1. it's you mike!


  2. Room service is absolutely appalling, but every now and then I get the urge to splurge. Last spring I stayed in London's West End after seeing Equus (Dan Radcliffe naked, zowee!) and came down with the WORLD'S WORST COLD in the middle of the performance. By the time I got to my hotel room that night I felt like death warmed over so I thought I'd treat my (broke) self and splurge on a massive breakfast for the morning - OJ, coffee AND tea, cereal and toast and a croissant. I know, what a pig, right? Well, feed a cold... the next morning it came and I took a photo of it because it was so beautiful, and when I checked out they miraculously didn't charge me a cent for it - I think it would've cost about £25 ($50). I should try to splurge more often!

  3. It's all true, no one is forgiving the high cost of corn flakes.
    For that much those corn flakes should get one into an altered state of conscienceness and or sexual climax. Who wouldn't want that for breakfast and pay the cost of a limb.

  4. I know you were just holding out for the promise of fresh toenail clippings. Better luck next time, mate.
    Waiting for new pix of the boy......;-)

  5. Anon: Thanks for the link! Great photo.

    Anglochy: You were very fortunate to have that meal comped accidentally.

    Aaron: Seriously. They should at least lace them with something...expensive.

    Kathleen: I think the Toenails are a Sportsmen's Lodge specialty. New baby pics on the way!

  6. $15 for cereal bother you?
    That's cute Mike; try the Ivy for a $60.00 omlete with a muffin and some tea

  7. fuzzyvuzzy: Umm, yeah...no thanks. I avoid the Ivy for that very reason. It's more expensive to be cool, so I just don't bother.

  8. Hi Mike! When you are in Dallas, Chez Makdouli serves a fantastic complimentary breakfast complete with a big sippie cup of "Juicie with Biteamins"! We can accommodate any request, and I do hope that you enjoy your stay:)!! See you in a few days!