Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Great Big Stomach Churner

I feel like I'm gonna throw up.

Tonight was the wrap party at Disney Quest on the lot in Downtown Disney. It's basically five floors of video games, none of which could be called state-of-the-art, but most of which could be called fun.

After a few speeches, we were given gift bags, which included a Hannah Montana sweatshirt and a beautiful plaque, plus a little spending money. Very cool. Then I hung out with Josh Plotnick (The Great Tour Elf). We played a bunch of old school games like DigDug and Frogger. Eventually I was yanked away to check out some rides with Iggy.

So far so good.

The trouble came when we decided to design our own rollercoaster on the virtual Space Mountain ride. We designed one with tons of loops, barrel rolls, jumps and speed boosts. Somehow it still only got a 3 out of 5 Thrill Rating. Then we got to actually ride what we designed in a car that rotated, flipped upside down and jolted side to side. This made me feel a little queasy.

Honestly, I can't quite explain why we did what we did next.

We decided that we wanted to make a ride with a Thrill Rating of 5. So we threw in some nasty loops, a waterfall jump and even made the car break through a wall at one point. Somehow this still only garnered a Thrill Rating of 4. Whatever. Good enough. Iggy and I jumped into the car.

I want to re-stress that I have the flu and shouldn't have even left my hotel room.

Well. There was a discernible difference between a 3 and a 4. This time around was a relentless, stomach-churning nausea-thon.

We disembarked, and I nearly disembarfed. I held it together, but felt totally "off" for the rest of the night.

The whole bus ride home was like Mr. Toad's Wild Ride through Seafood Queaseville.

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  1. haha disembarfed! it sounds like loads of fun! that probably would have been more fun when your not sick :/ i hope you feel better soon!!!

  2. ahh...
    rollercoasters... even fake ones
    are a bad idea when one has the flu!!
    i also love love love the video
    you guys are cray

  3. haha sounds like you had fun...even though your where sick...also the video is awsome i hope you can get some more up before the tour ends......hope you feel better soon!!!

  4. sorry your not feeling too swift, but just think of the one of a kind experience you've been apart of for many months and that you've made thousands and thousands of people around the country so very happy, including myself. that was deep. but on a lighter note, the video cracked me up and you guys looked like you were partying it up.

  5. I'm very glad to hear Disney added another attraction to make me barf... in case anything was left in my stomach after Body Wars and Star Wars.

  6. I've created a rollercoaster on one of those virtual rides while i was perfectly healthy and it made me sick.. yet i did what you and Iggy did and i made an even crazier one and went on again making me even more sick. You both are crazy, i probably would have 'disembarfed' if i were you.

    Oh by the way i loved the video. Iggy is insane, but thats why i love him! Good luck and have fun with the last 3 shows of the tour!!

  7. Mike- thank you so much for sharing these amazing tour stories/videos with us! It was so incredibly cool to get a behind the scenes look of it all!

    you seem awesome and i wish you so much luck in the future! OF COURSE, i will keep doing my daily checkings on your blog!

    Miley seems like a total and complete joy to be around. Can she be any sweeter? And seriously talented!

    See ya Mike.. get better!!

  8. Feel Better!!
    And I loved the video!!

  9. haha i liked in the video when you turned the camera around and filmed yourself. seems like a lot of fun

  10. Thanks Mike for all your blogs and videos. Having a continuing look backstage and all the neat hotels and comments was really enjoyable. I love Miley and thought she gave a nice speech. You take care and best wishes in your career and life. Will you continue your blog for future endeavors? I will be checking. Thanks again...
    Gail B.

  11. Too bad you couldn't actually ride Mr. Toad's Wild Ride even if you wanted to in Orlando. The bastards removed the ride for some freaking Yellow Bear's ride.... ack, spit, cough.

  12. thanks, mike. you just made my day a whole lot better. :)