Monday, January 14, 2008

Coming To A Theater Near You!

You can see me and the entire Hannah Montana cast in the upcoming "Best of Both Worlds" tour movie, coming February 1st to Digital 3D and IMAX theaters across the country! With additional behind the scenes footage, and closeups of all your favorite band members, in 3D!

This movie is the first to use brand new state of the art digital 3D technology. I saw a tech demo of it, and let me tell you, it's gonna blow some minds and melt some faces. This is 3D that won't give you a cross-eyed headache. The colors, the definition, EVERYTHING about it knocked me senseless. You are gonna love it.

Here's a preview:

Thanks to my readers for the heads-up on this.

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  1. that's bogus, i can't even go see that. lol

  2. i've totally got tickets to that

  3. omg I can't wait!!!!'re coming to my city (st. louis) again!
    When is arrival? (shamelessly wanting to meet the amazing schmid)

  4. Mike you rock! BEST KEYBOARDER, everrrrr! :P I'm seeing you AGAIN on January 31 - Miami baby! Last stop on tour, i was wondering tho how do all those people get to the buses area to wave bye to you guys? I still don't know how to go there.. haha. Well keep doing what you do best, all of ya'll rock 100% i'm basically seeing the concert 3 times - Sunrise (Nov 20) Miami (Jan 31) and the 3Dconcert, out of this world AMAZING!

  5. is it gonna come out on DVD?

  6. Mike, that was cool seeing the video from the movie. I saw the concert in Columbus, Ohio live, but wouldn't mind seeing the movie since it will include some behind the scenes things, etc. That was neat to see you at the beginning of the clip.

    Have fun in Chicago!


  7. jesuss. that video makes me so excitedd ! i already got my tickets two months ago for the movie. friday february seventh seven o' clock. i started screaming watching her enter again. it gives me chills. you get a nice close up too right in the beginning ! cant wait to see it !

    a recently new found fan,

  8. Mike Schmid.

    You, are the rockstar.

    Nice closeup at the very beginning ;) !

  9. mikee! totally going to see that.
    when you come on the screen i'll jump out of my seat and be all "MIKE! YOU ROCK DAWGGG." and then the little kids and their parents will stare at me, and i'll be like, "it's true, he's cooler than you." then sit back down.


  10. Actually, we're the second to do this. The first one was U2, who's movie is pretty amazing and shot in my home country.

  11. It'a awesome how you were in the beginning !

    Miley Rocks.