Sunday, January 20, 2008

Leaving the Lights Behind

We just finished a wonderful three-day run in Vegas. The longest run we've had on the tour. It was nice to stay in one place for awhile.

So what happened while we were in Vegas:

  1. Stacy got a bronchial infection. Currently coughing up neon green.
  2. Kay passed out and hit her head really hard on the floor. Freaked us all out.
  3. Almost all my aunts were in town, as were my sweet parents. Family reunion!
  4. All the Hollywood Records and Disney execs came to show #1. Scary. We were told to bring our "A" game. So we did.
  5. John Mayer came to show #2. Cool.
  6. Johnny Depp came to show #3. Very cool.
  7. We spent a night clubhopping, as Cowboy the rigger got us an amazing VIP booth at Moon and VIP treatment at some other clubs as well, and Jamie complained (in an entertaining way) the entire night.
  8. We had a big jam session in the desert, at drum tech Benoit's house, funking out with Aly and AJ's band. Dancers on drums, guitarists on bongos. A very fun mess.
And now we're on the bus, trekking to Phoenix for a day off. Sweet sleep, how I've missed you.

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  1. AWESOME! I heard the Vegas shows were amazing- as were the rest of them.

    BTW.. How's your son doing?? Havent posted about him in a while..

  2. Wow, i'm sick too, i guess it's going around :| Oh my goodness :O I hope Kay's doing better! Sounds like it was fun to be able to have your family there!! :D OH my goodness, johnny depp! :O You guys are dead lucky, he is... WOW :O Hahaha, sounds like you had a good time, glad ya did! :D Can't wait till Miami. I'm dying to see ya'll there, and hopefully i'll get to meet you or miley or someone. HAHA! Glad ya had a good time. Have a good time sleeping :P

  3. I hope Stacy and Kay get better!

    Johnny Depp? Very cool I bet some of the women were very happy about that

  4. Sure hope that Kay is okay after her fall. That sounds bad for Stacy. Hope she soon feels much better

  5. Ahh, man. I could have used a little time in Vegas. Wish I'd known. It would have been fun to see you, since you've been gone forEVER. We had a game night last night - Patrick came, and we all missed you. When do you get back for good? Jen/Pennifer

  6. a fan: I don't really get many updates on Noah at the moment. Hoping that will change.

    Greg: We all miss you guys, but you're busy becoming rich and famous.

    Jen: Definitely in Feb we need to have a game night again. We just won't play Outburst this time.

    Everybody: Kay is back at 100% now, and Stacy is on strong antibiotics and feeling much better now.

  7. Johnny Depp? OMG OMG OMG! the shows look amazing so i hoped he liked it!