Friday, January 11, 2008

"Get Off My Lawn!"

Today feels weird. The Jonas Brothers played their last show with us two days ago in Albany. They're just about to embark on their own giant tour. We said our sad goodbyes and Ashlee cried and hugs were given and received. And now they're gone. And now there are a bunch of people we don't know (Aly and AJ + band), sharing the stage with us. They all seem really nice, but it just feels weird and different. I've always been averse to change, and terrible at goodbyes.

I'm sure we'll all become tight buds in the next two weeks that they're here. Right now though, I feel like an old man who's been living in the same house for decades, and somebody moved the salt.

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  1. Hah, wow.
    I loved how you compared it to the old man !
    It was cute.

    But hang in there Mike.

    You'll make new friends ;)

  2. MIKE! "Rockstar" just premiered on Disney and you were TOTALLY in the first 5 seconds of it!! major close up! AWESOME! congrats!

  3. i was gonna say this too! you were on one of the disney channel promo things for the 3-d movie. they did some 360 around you and i was like HEY THAT'S MIKE!

  4. Saw you on Disney tonight sitting there watching Miley with my daughter. Looked great man. What I wouldn't do to be in your position as a keyboardist. What a rush!! I would love to know what you have your keyboard loaded with for all those songs and what gear you get to use. Anyway I have plans already to take my kid to see the 3-D so I will see you on the big screen in a few weeks. Cool. Keep up the great work! Hope Michigan treated you well.

  5. Mike we saw you on tv and we were like "Thats Mike" to our parents. It was pretty cool. The video looked awesome. It was funny cause we knew when the fireworks and stuff went off so were like fireworks about to go off BAM! haha but I hope yall have fun with Aly and AJ's crew. Keep up the good work

  6. I love you Mike! We miss you guys a lot too. Personally, its a little strange playing When You Look Me In The Eyes without our normal conversations during the last chorus. haha. sorry we didnt get to hang out as much as we had set out to. but i'll be a monkey's uncle if we dont chill soon in LA. enjoy the rest of the tour my friend! maybe i'll see ya'll in LA next week for the premier. take care

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  8. OK, wat the hell was that last comment? Damn spammers, delete that!

    Aly and AJ's band seems pretty terrific, I'm sure we'll all get along. Notice I mentioned just the band.

  9. I like this blog, is fantastic. Congratulation.
    Say what, Omar Cruz?

    I'm sure you'll have an awesome time no matter what :]

  10. well. this is my first time to ever comment your blogs because i didn't know i could actually do this. but hey! i've been reading your blogs since the beginning of the tour, and have found myself very entertained. so ''props'' to mike! and hang in there, i bet you and the new band will become great friends! good luck!


    Look at seconds 00:37-00:43 -
    It's your close up in Miley/Hannah's music vid for Rockstar!