Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I just received a great New York Times article on the Hannah Montana concert, as seen through the eyes of an economist. Read it here.

Thanks to Paul Schreiber for the heads up.

If you'll note the time of this post, you'll see that I can't sleep. There's a train blaring past my window and I've been up for hours.

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  1. this sounds just like my dad haha, i'm not sure if he would be so into reselling his 2nd row seats he just got though! i hope you eventually got some sleep! ah, i'm going to miss all your behind the scenes blogs ):

  2. yeah~ i read this yesterday!!! :)

    so when does your time with Miley end? I saw that the movie is premiering Friday at the Ziegfield right behind my office.

    I hope you feel better, Mike!!!!