Thursday, January 31, 2008

12:09 pm

Waking up. I couldn't sleep again, partially cause I was thinking about all the stuff on the bus I have to pack, and partially because I couldn't breathe. I took a decongestant and some Melatonin (medicate!) and eventually fell into sleep some time after 7am.

Now I'm just barely awake, and somehow my muscle aches are even worse.

Oh well. Lots going on today. The world won't stop for my flu! Now I just have to convince my body to roll out of bed.

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  1. hey mike. i just stopped by the bus and vashon said you were in the hotel. just wanted to say high and welcome you to miami. hope you feel better and i will continue to follow your blog. best of luck

  2. Boy I hope you can enjoy your final concert with feeling the way you do. My 7 year old has the same thing as you. So I see what you are going through.

    I will continue to enjoy your blogging. Best of luck tonight to all of you involved with the show!!!

  3. Feel better, Mike!

    P.S. Drink orange juice - it'll help!

  4. oh man im srry your still feeling sick...i hope you will feel good enough by time the concert starts to be able to enjoy it

  5. hey mike i was just wondering if you know if the best of both worlds contert movie is going to come out on dvd because i really wanna see it but i wasnt able to get a ticket