Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Body Double (AKA Shut Up Already!)

Okay, I just have to chime in about this body double scandal. For those of you who haven't heard, OK Magazine has published this story:

According to several fans who dished out hundreds of dollars to catch the young singer perform live on her current sold-out national tour, it appears Miley may be using a not-very-convincing "Hannah" double to cover for her during a mysterious mid-song disappearance from the stage.

When it got the to bridge of the song "We Got the Party," her dancers began to crowd around her," one ticked-off Miley fan tells OK!. "Then they covered her with a black sheet and she went through a secret door. Within a second, a new 'Hannah' came out of a different door wearing oversized white glasses. The whole time this was happening Miley's vocals were still playing. The new imposter had her back turned while she danced, trying to hide that fact that she was not Miley Cyrus. At this instant I became very suspicious."

"Needless to say I was furious!" says the irate fan. "I paid good money to see the concert. I was disappointed and I felt like I was played for a fool."

This story has become sort of a big deal, and people are accusing Miley of being a fake. Let me state for the record that Miley is the real deal. She sings her heart out every night.

Let me also explain how entertainment works. Entertainment is not reality. We're putting on a show here. Doubles are used frequently in big shows like this to speed transitions. This does not mean that Miley is lipsynching. Miley sings the entire song but the last chorus, which is strictly a logistical solution. Think about it from the perspective of executing the show yourself. If Hannah has to come back out as Miley in ten minutes, and in that ten minutes, has to remove the wig, change clothes, and do her Miley hairstyle, an extra two minutes becomes very important. So she needs to get off stage early, but there's no way she can be singing while she's changing her clothes, so it must be pre-recorded. There's no way around it. These things happen all the time. People are comparing this to Ashlee Simpson, which is wrong. This is how these big shows are put together. But the difference is, most artists don't have exclusively teenage fans who don't understand how shows are assembled.

Miley is not on stage lipsynching. And as OK Magazine said, the double is not that convincing, and the dancers are obviously covering Hannah in a black sheet. Not really scandal material so much as a tiny show detail to notice. No one is trying to cover this up.

Long story short - hey kids: you enjoyed the show, right? Miley entertained you. Right? Leave it at that and stop accusing the most genuine, talented, sweet girl in the business of being a fake. Don't you have homework to do?

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  1. wow mike i couldnt agree with you more
    when i saw the show i truly enjoyed it, in fact i was having such a good time i didnt even notice her leave and the new one come out.
    thanks for posting this i think people need to hear it.

  2. I agree with 'Anonymous.' Because of Youtube I already knew about the "fake" Hannah, but during the show I went to I was having so much fun I didn't even notice it. I honestly don't think it's that big of a deal. She disappears for one minute. There's a whole other two hours of her.

  3. You go Mike. I couldn't agree more. People who say she is a fake are just looking for a scandal cause they like hurting people. I don't understand why people would say she is lipsynching when there are videos everywhere where she just starts singing. Like during interviews and things. People need to grow up. Keep blogging Mike, I come here everyday :)

  4. Right On. How ever much time Miley actually uses is like gold. I just don't understand why it was made into such a big deal.

  5. I agree so much. I only found out about the fake Hannah from Youtube. And during the show I was having too much fun to even notice that. I've been trying to tell people how just an extra minute can help miley get changed faster...but no one's listening.

  6. Couldn't have said it better myself. All of a sudden, every news channel had a special on this "scandal" today and it's blowing out of proportion. Who cares! I knew about this way before I went to two of the concerts and to be honest, I completely forgot about it when it came time for the fake Hannah. 'irate fan?' Tell Miles, her true fans will always be there for her and when it comes to these stupid stories, she'll know who they are.
    And thanks for reminding me about the oh so appealing Geometry homework I'm supposed to be doing..

  7. haha
    you make me very merry happy

  8. I was at the Baltimore concert last night and that didn't happen... and I'm pretty sure they had to bring up the house lights after Jonas and Hannah both had gone off. I would've rather seen a double. The house lights coming back on halted the flow of the concert, to me. So what if it was a fake? It was still Miley singing. And everyone at the concert last night was fantastic! They shouldn't be trying to bring it down. The fake was onstage for, what, a minute or less? I can see why people would be upset if they paid an awful lot of money to be there, but the concert, as a whole, was the best I've ever been to, I had a ton of fun. Thanks, Mike, for speaking the truth. Miley will always be an amazingly talented girl, and she also will, and always will be my idol. Just that she got up there and did a whole show is astounding, the people who doubt her need to learn who she really is.

  9. well, the magazine sounds like not the best thing ever. They make unwarranted claims and just use some fan as evidence. (Dear OK Magazine: FAIL!!!)

    Playstation temptation podcast, formely the gamers two


  11. Thank you for telling the truth, what's really happening. I was at the show in DC, and I saw the whole fake hannah deal, so what...she needs time to change. All the gossip columns and press are trying to blow this up into something it's not. She leaves the stage near the end of the song, and you can hear her vocals cut out. It makes me angry that they are trying to make this precious little 15 year old girl look like a horrible person.
    PS, my friends and I totally saw you in DC outside the arena, but we chickened out on saying hi to you, we felt like it would have been very awkward...haha.

  12. omg i know
    i keep commenting on youtube telling ppl it isn't a big deal b/c its like 1 minute that they don't see her and its all for making the audiance have to wait less for the next songs.

  13. people just get upset about Miley's super clean image. she's a good girl and people just can't accept that. they have to look for bad things in her, and they'll take anything they can.

  14. I couldn't agree anymore. They try to blow things up. Things that don't matter. They make it seem like the whole show there is a fake. Miley is a gorgeous,genuine, sweet 15 year old, and all these stupid tabloids try to do is bring her down. They're making sucha a fuss of nothing, wanting to get there money back just for 20 seconds or so of not Miley, thats dumb. They're just mad that Miley is good and they want her to do something bad so they can have a hit story, so instead they take something so stupid and small and try to make there readers believe shes a "fake" it's just !@#$%^&* me off!! I feel like just slapping all these reporters across the face with there own article, it's stupid and unnessascary (Sp?) all i know is that Miley will have my support 100% of the time no matter in what situation she's in. I adore Miley, she's so dedicated & real, and by real i mean REAL, she shows her true color. ILHER! Thank you for posting this and having some parents & fans smell the coffee! Oh & i got Miami tickets, yeepee! I love everyone in the "tour family" all of yall rock!

  15. Mike:
    I was at the Baltimore show last night and it was awesome! Everything about it was first class, especially Miley. Thanks for saying what you did. The body double for quick changes is used in Broadway productions all the time. It's nothing new. These kids need to grow up and get a life. Miley is a sweetheart and does not deserve this nit picking. Oh, I waved to you Mike but I was on the opposite side of the arena so I doubt if you noticed, LOL!
    Gail B.

  16. as a jonas fan and miley fan i think tabloids are just trying to find something and someone new to ruin..tell miley to keep her head up she is an amazing girl very talented and a great performer! people need to let the girl have sometime to breath and change its not a big deal most major concerts have something like that NSYNC did and so did the Backstreet boys!

    get over the body double people its not a big deal shes a genuine singer and performer and shes only 15!!

    thanks for the great blog Mike!
    and good luck and have fun on the rest of the tour!

  17. Well said, Mike! Unfortunately there will always be people who want to slam someone who is successful. That is sad but what makes this situation even worse is they are trying to pick on a teenager who not only is talented but is a quality human being as well.

    Keep enjoying the tour Mike and stay healthy!

    Gardnerville, NV

  18. shut the fuck up.
    the bitch is a fake - a fake with teeth like a horse.

  19. if miley needs more time to make the "transformation," then the jonas brothers should just be able to play more songs during their second act

  20. i think they should have let the jonas brothers play another song or two.
    it would have worked better, and she wouldnt have this whole "scandal" going on
    besides, lots of people were only there for the jonas brothers...haha

  21. let it go people... been to the concert and loved it. Rock on Mike!!

  22. i love you mike. this has seriously been pissing me off. and people who say she lipsyncs. i love miley and i hate to see people bashing her just because she isn't out partying every night so they have to make up shit to create drama.

    also not everyone is there just for the jonas brothers you fucking fangirls they aren't even that attractive get over it. plus they seem like douchebags. if i went, i'd be rolling my eyes through all their songs. ahem. sorry.

  23. alright thats it the anonymous person that told you to shut the fuck up and called miley a bitch needs to go to hell. yea that person is the bitch. and thank you Mike for posting this. I completely agree with you 100 percent. She puts on one hell of a show. All of you do. but i doubt that magazine interviewed fans, it was probably just some jealous people who don't like her. cause true fans of her wouldn't try to ruin her career or hurt her feelings. she deserves the best and i hate how people try to ruin her. us true fans love Miley and of course you, our favorite keyboard player lol

  24. i went to the show and had fun. [i`ve accually been reading your blog since the start of the tour and when i went i was like dude i read his blog! haha] anyway, it was not subtle hwo they did it. her tallest dancer in a lime green shirt sticks a black sheet over her, clearly the show people didn`t think all this press would happen. she deff sings live and that seems to be the only show she did it at? cause we woulda heard this awhile ago and i was watching her at the show i saw and i didn`t see this happen so people need to chill out, the fan that said she paid 100s of dollars to see it, well you saw her for like two chouruses of we got the party it wasn`t her the other 18ish songs she sang in all were clearly her. it`s getting so rediculous!

  25. Its a shame the media has to pick on her. She is not some troubled little teenager trying to screw over the public. Leave her be. I hope Mike that you let her know there are a lot of people behind her. We went to the Los Angeles show I did not notice this at all. My daughter never did either. Probably the only people who see it are on the right side of the venue. We were on middle to left side.
    The media just wants to make a bad girl out of her because there IS NOTHING BAD about her. I think she is a positive role model and I think its a shame that people do this to a child. She is still consider a child in the eyes of the law. Give it a break people. How would you like it if your child was treated that way. I know I wouldn't.

  26. I think that the Jonas Brothers couldn't sing another song or two because the show would have gone too long, because I remember Mike posted before that you had to cut like 4 songs, and I actually enjoyed the fake hannah, it added some humor to the show haha

  27. The Jonas Brothers should have played a song or two are we got the party so miley would have even more time to change

    But Ok! it one of the worst magzines, its like the twist or j-14 of the "Adult" Tabloids

  28. Finally! now these people will stop saying she's a fake when she's not. i loved the concert, it was the best concert i've gone to so far. so just keep doing what your doing cuz its a awesome show. by the way i loved the end part of the entry lol .

  29. hey mikeee! :D
    just as everyone else has basically said, i've been to two shows and the first time i didn't even notice. the second time i was LOOKING for it because i saw the youtube video. but i see nothing wrong with it at all. it's true, people try to take things and turn them into huge things when it's not even important. i paid 200 for one of my tickets and i wouldn't have changed it for the world. so what if miley wasn't up there for.. what less than a minute? it's not even a big deal! and it's not like they really tried to hide it or make it seem like she was lipsyncing. there was obvious times when she wasn't. she made mistakes just like any other normal person would.

    i really hope that you tell her there's people that are always there to support her and back her up whenever she needs it. she's an amazing performer, actor, singer. she's got the whole package, and she hasn't fallen into the "hollywood disney girl" scene, and i don't believe she ever will. she seems like she has a strong head on her shoulders and she's a positive role model for anyone.

    plus she has the most amazing keyboardist in the world :D

    hope you had a good holiday,
    have fun on the extended tour,

  30. My sister already commented on this but i have to comment too and say i completely agree with you. My sister was using some choice words and i think i may have to also. It pisses me off when people are saying how they are disappointed and outraged all because of 1 minute of Miley not on stage. I had the greatest time at the Lexington concert and I will never forget it. Miley is a genuinely sweet, talented girl. Tabloids always have to find something and blow it way out of proportion. I guess they think everyone who is innocent needs to be corrupted or something, it's crazy. First with Miley's so called "scandal" pictures, then with Joe's stitches ordeal, the AMA's there was a little segment about it on a news show. We need good teenagers in this world that aren't causing havoc, and Miley and the Jonas Brothers are a few of the good ones. Mike, I like reading your insight on things. Tell Miley that the true fans still have her back and will always be fans of her. Keep posting Mike, you're our favorite keyboarder lol

  31. Yayee Miley!!! Yayee Mike!!!

    When looking for problems, you are only bound to find them.

    I saw the Dallas show and I was absolutely floored by Miley's tremendous talent. She has clearly devoted her time and energy to developing herself and creating positivity around her.

    Those who are fueling this hurtful media frenzy should try doing more of the same and just leave her alone.

    Hey Miley, you go girl;)!!!


  32. not a big deal at all, some ppl just don't have anything better to do with their lives.

  33. You guys are pathetic. Miley is a tanlentless bitch - maybe she should ask daddy for some braces. Anorexia kills.

  34. Rock on Mike! There are two types of people in the world. Those like yourself with class and honor who defend ridiculous, moronic attacks on young girls. And then there are the bottom feeding scum who initiate those attacks.

  35. Entertainers are just doing their job. Reporters are just doing their job. People want to see Miley as Miley. If they wanna see Miley, they have to be patient and just be thankful they're at that concert since it was so hard to get tickets in the first place. Reporters are paid to make people look bad. They want to make articles that will make heads turn. Everyone's just doing their job.

  36. haha, the last line was hilarious,
    "Don't you have homework to do?"
    but thats all true. people were coming to me about it and i was like,
    well it makes sense. she cnt just stay out the whole time, stall the show for 10 minutes to change to Miley then come out.
    i thought the double was really clever. i'll remember that when i go on tour. hahha.

  37. hey mike. question if shes soo talented why does she need time to change??? puhlease shes a fake. there are many artists that need time to change and dont send imposters out there. get with it. your an idiot.

  38. not really Anonymous, just don't want to sign up, anyways.

    Name: JC

    When was this? I didn't even notice
    when i went to the conert. I tell you that youtube is evil lol. I think Miley did a great job. I had a awesome time. Peolpe have nothin better to do than to try to make Miley look bad. Losers lol.

    Miley Rocks =).

  39. and one more thing,

    Don't you have homework to do?

    thats was awesome =).

  40. Excuses, excuses and more excuses. This is pathetic. Doesn't anyone find it strange that in some videos she's jumping up and down, running like crazy and playing around-- yet she doesn't lose any breath and keeps her vocal beautifully? That's odd. You try jumping up and down and running and try to keep your voice sounding the same without missing a beat. Also, I know her voice is good, she takes after her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, after all, but is she THAT good? Sometimes it seems her voice seems is altered because it flows too well and is just flawless, like she doesn't even take a breath. Like come on, she's 15, she's no Celine Dion that can empower her voice beautifully; That woman can sing, regardless if you like her songs or not, she has a gorgeous voice. Anyway, the point is, she has no flaws. People might say "well she's just that good". Yea, okay. Well, what you don't know is MOST artists alter their music for cd releases. For example, All American Rejects. A lot of people say their cds are amazing, but in concert, they blow and are totally different.. but people still love them.

    I don't doubt that Miley Cyrus has a beautiful voice, but she needs to actually sing in concert for that beauty to really be revealed. I think all the producers/Disney are just too worried people won't like her after seeing her in concert-- but the thing is-- she's kid friendly and will always be popular.

    Oh yea, and I read somewhere someone said something about the Jonas brothers distracting the audience while Miley changes-- kudos to you-- amazing idea. There is no reason for a body double just for a bloody costume change.