Thursday, January 31, 2008

6:12 pm

We're having an awesome time ditching catering and eating by the water. The whole band is here and we're reminiscing. I'm gonna miss these guys.

Oh also, we just got a text. We ARE doing Clear tonight. Rock on!

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  1. YAY!
    You guys are doin' Clear!!!
    Where will it go in the setlist?
    Is it replacing anything?

    I have a feeling you can't exactly tape during Clear since there's a lot of keyboard stuff going on during that song... but I can't wait to hear about it!

    Have a great show.

  2. im so happy that you guys are gonna play clear....cant wait to watch it on youtube! lol


  4. This is driving me insane! I'm hooked! I'm gonna cry! Have fun tonight..clear is awesome! post what it is like after the show backstage and everything!

    love ya!

  5. I so wanted you guys to do "Clear" when I saw you in Portland in October. Lucky Miami fans.

    Thanks for all the pics, stories and vids throughout the tour, Mike.

  6. yay Clear is definitely one of my favorites, can't wait to hear it. once again, thanks for everything and good luck tonight! live the moment!

  7. ahhh thats awesome. i so wish i could be at that concert tonight but i live about 12 or more hours away. lol i hope you're taking some farewell videos of the whole crew for all of us to see. and i hope some people who go to the concert tonight take some video footage of it. i really want to hear Clear cause i love that song. anyways keep us further updated on your last day on tour. Have a good show tonight Mike. Tell everybody that us fans really enjoyed this tour and being able to watch one of the concerts in person was awesome. Tell Miley that we love her and good luck tonight on this last show.