Friday, November 2, 2007

Okey Dokey Oakland - Hello L.A.!

Good show tonight. Billy Ray came out at the end and we played "Ready, Set, Don't Go," a tune the whole band is really enjoying. Jaime made a good observation that Miley sounds a bit like Stevie Nicks on this one; very strong. The Oprah crew was grabbing footage, so keep an eye out for that, and also Miley mentioned that what they taped tonight might be airing as a music video on the Disney Channel as well.

Now we're on our way home to LA. Everybody in the band is really excited about that, except for me. I made the mistake of calling my wife to let her know that I really would like to see Noah while I'm there, hoping that she'd be happy to let me take him off her hands for a while. But instead she was just mad that I didn't tell her earlier, cause she's working on a paper tomorrow. I don't know why I keep hoping she'll be kind and rational. It's not gonna happen. She's just not there anymore. Every time we talk, it escalates into a horrible and depressing fight...until she hangs up. And I cry. But not anymore.

I'm just gonna live my life and do what I have to do: laundry, unpacking and repacking (you never know exactly what you're gonna need and what you're not), running errands, seeing my beautiful baby boy, and hanging out with my dear friend Ben. Life is good.

The people in the band are so amazing. I've really grown to love them all. Such a good group of people. Kay and Jaime stayed up with me and listened and were just amazing and wise and helpful and sweet. I feel so incredibly blessed to be on this amazing tour at such a terrible time in my life. Despite the fact that any thought of my wife sends me into a depressed stupor, I've been very happy most of the time. God bless Hannah Montana.

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  1. Ahhh..hugs to you Mike. You are going through a tough time for sure. Hang in there! It will get better in time. As a fan of Billy Ray's, thanks for telling me he was there last night. I love hearing what's going on with the tour and upcoming stuff. You and the rest of the band seem to be forming a bond of friendship. It's good to hear about. You seem to be a truly nice guy. Thanks again for keeping up this wonderful blog....
    Gail B.
    (Baltimore, MD)

  2. Mike,

    A few thoughts:

    * This blog is great and really unique -- behind-the-scenes views of touring bands (especially a tour of this size and popularity) typically came packaged from MTV or fan magazines. It's great to get your pure, non-commercial guide to the life of a working musician on a national arena tour.

    * I'm sorry that your personal life continues to overshadow the highs of the tour. Don't know your wife at all, but it sounds as though for her to get through this period, she has to demonize you and make you the bad guy, no matter what you do. I guess that is both rational and irrational at the same time, and even if true it doesn't make the pain of dealing with her any better. It sounds like you are dealing with it as best you can -- by living your life, by talking with your friends, and by expressing your feelings, rather than keeping it inside. I hope that by the end of the tour, some of this will get better.

    * Can't believe you're staying at the Sportman's Lodge -- right down the street from my old high school (Harvard Westlake) and definitely not my idea of cutting edge lodging. But hey, it can't all be 4 poster beds, right?

    I don't watch Oprah, but will TIVO when you guys are on ... when is that again?


  3. Hi Mike
    Just want to let you know how much I am enjoying your blog about the tour. Happy to hear that Billy Ray made it to the show last night. I am a big fan of his and Miley's.
    wishing things could settle down for you with your private life but glad you have made friends with the band to hang with. Sure that will help. That about a video is interesting. I was hoping for one with both Miley and Billy Ray.
    Please take care and keep this blog going.

  4. Mike,

    Another country (make that 'state') heard from. This is Sherry H in the First State - Delawhere? (AKA Delaware). I'm enjoying reading your blog; maybe not EVERY day but every couple of days. Thank you for sharing the gig with us; we're enjoying it greatly. Keep smiling!

  5. breaks my heart that that happened when you were obviously really excited to spend some one-on-one time w/ Noah...if I were your wife...I would have been ecstatic! It saddens me as I sit here and tear up. Hang in will get better and easier and hopefully someday you 2 can be friends and be there together for Noah.


  6. Love your blog Mike!!! seriosuly, I check it EVERY day. Its funny, and tells me a whole lotta stuff people don't know about being on a tour with a famous singer. And you're right. GOD BLESS HANNAH MONTANA.

    peace out :)

  7. I LOVE reading your blog! Hang in there buddy! I went through a not-so-good divorce a few years back and my modeling saved me - keeping busy and out of town! Know you're in my prayers!~Julie S.

  8. I was at a youth retreat at the Tree Farm a couple weeks ago and saw Koo and Jinny's names in the book which made me realize how much I miss yall. I can't believe it's been a whole year since the fire. I can't imagine how it must be for you. I hope the Hannah Montana tour isn't going through Arkansas.

    I've found that with every stage in life God drops music in my ears that He wants me to hear. A couple years ago it was Jason Harwell's Alive in the Fall, which really helped me through some crap. Before that it was Billy Cerveny's "A Horse Named Pride" which also helped me through some times I'd rather not live though again.

    Currently it's your own "High Cost of Living" and it's not that I'm going through crap this time, but I feel I'm coming out of a long and broad limbo of my mid-twenties crisis, and aside from being an all around killer album, there's a lot in High Cost of Living that just resonates with my life.

    at anyrate, glad you're keeping the blog up, it's one of the highlights of my day.
    And it's all true what they say about you, that you are an outstanding musician and an even better person.

    much love my man!

  9. Hi Mike!

    Another BRC fan here who is very much enjoying your blog. I will be among the people heading to Nashville on Thanksgiving weekend for the ‘Cyrus doubleheader’ so I will see you guys perform on Friday night.

    I am currently listening to your Snow Day EP and think it is really well done! I hope everyone who reads your blog gets a chance to check it out. Keep positive Mike and thanks again for helping us understand what it is like to be out on the road.

    Gardnerville, NV

  10. Thanks everybody for the sweet comments. Glad you like the blog.

    David: Yeah, Sportsman's Lodge was actually not a place we were supposed to stay. It was intended as a bus parking lot, since we all live in LA and everybody went home. I just needed a last-minute room.

    I still don't know when the Oprah show is airing, but I'll post info as soon as I find out.

    Gail B and Shirley: Billy Ray is such a nice guy. He's a joy to work with.

    Hey Sherry H! Welcome.

    Renee, it seems like we're definitely making strides towards getting along as his parents.

    Thanks Monica. Yeah it's one of the strangest experiences I've ever had, but what a blast.

    Julie, it's so nice to have work to distract you during impossibly hard times.

    Aaron, I know! I can't believe it's been a year since the fire, either. Crazy. I'm so happy to hear that my album has been so resonant for you. That's the part that makes the job so incredibly worth it.

    Russ: Yay! I'm glad you're enjoying "Snow Day." I had a lot of fun making it. I can't believe it's time for Christmas music again.

  11. Hi Mike,

    I am another Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus fan who is very much enjoying your blog about the Hannah Montana tour. My first chance to see the show will be on Dec. 11th in Columbus, Ohio. I am really looking forward to it. It must be an awesome experience for you and the rest of the band to be on this tour. Even though you are having a tough time in your personal life right now, I hope you can savor every moment of the tour. Divorce is never easy especially when there are children involved. I pray that everything works out for you.