Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Still Sick In Sunrise

I've moved past the fever and chills. Today is Stomach Disaster Day. At least I'm moving forward. I feel so sick I could fall down, but I've got to ignore it because we've got a show to do! My main concern is that my nose will run while I'm on stage and I won't have any Kleenexes. Or that I'll cough a lot. Not really so rock n' roll is it?

And here (in Sunrise, Florida) tonight, we're expecting JLo, Marc Antony and Barry Gibb in the audience. So I'd better not fall down.

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  1. Well, it sucks to see that you are not feeling good. Its never fun. Anyways good luck at your shows while you are sick, keep one of those pocket Kleenex things in your back pocket. Hope you feel better.
    -thegamerstwo podcast

  2. Shoot! I should have given you the pack of camoflague kleenex that I happen to have!! It would have made your sniffles so stealthy!!