Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A List of Rules

If you're coming to see our show, here is a list of things to do and not do when you get here.

+DO make neat little signs
I think Miley likes them.

-DON'T hold them upside down
I can't believe how many people do this.

-DON'T make a double-sided Hannah/Miley sign and then hold up the wrong side at the wrong time
Also a very popular error.

-DON'T make a sign that says "It's My Birthday!"
What are we supposed to do with that information?

+DO bring gifts for Miley
Who doesn't like gifts?

-DON'T throw them on the thin elevated runway while everybody's dancing around
Miley almost tripped on a teddy bear one night, and another night somebody threw a beautiful rose on the runway and the dancers proceeded to trample it to bits.

-DON'T ask me if you can have my All Access Pass
You can't.

+DO have a great time!
That's why we do it.

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  1. hey mike!
    can i have your all access pass?

    haha. just kidding.

  2. so basically your whole entire blog cracks me up hahhaha

  3. +DO make neat little signs
    -DON'T hold them upside down

    love that

    and I think you forgot something... you should have one that says bring gifts for you! because of course you make the show. :D

  4. i absoulutely lovee your blog.
    it cracks me up.
    i even started my own !

    so basically im waiting outside the stadium.from noon till the show to even sneak a peek of miley & jb arriving.
    & now i hope to meet you also !
    im gonna print out your picture and bring it with me so i hopefully see you & you can autograph it.
    has any one asked you for a autograph yet?

    i know your really busy with the tour and everything.
    but if you could get back,
    that would be very amazing.

    thanks & love you blog.
    i always check it out :D


  5. lmfaooo.
    i love your blogg[:
    hahaha, wait-
    my friend wants to knwo,
    if we bring her gifts,
    -from... jessie.
    lmfao, [:

  6. HAHAHAHA. People should make signs for YOU TOO!!!

    also, can I have a backstage pass (and not an all access pass)? See the difference?

    jk jk. hahah. =)

  7. haha this seriously made me laugh. wow i would feel horible if I threw something on stage and then someone tripped over it. wow that would totally suck. but if i went to a concert i would make a double sign and one side would be like "GO MIKE" lol

  8. good to know too bad I already went! i think i followed all of those do's/don'ts though

  9. haha I just wanted to tell you that when I went to the Portland show I had the time of my life it was seriously AMAZING I was even looking at the backup dancers and vocalists a lot because it was interesting to watch you guys and your expressions I remember seeing a dancer and Miley laughing together (which by the way made me laugh) and now from your blog I know that the dancer was Kaye!!! and yes this is a little late and off topic but I just had to let you know! P.S. I just looked back at one of my pictures and I saw you lol!

  10. Can I add to this?

    DON'T give us gifts for Miley when we load out.

    It takes us 3 hours to tear the show apart and we're not gonna hold on to a teddy bear for that long. Plus we won't see Miley for 17 hours!

  11. Miley Rocks!!!!!

    If we brings gifts for Miley and are not to throw them on stage than what are we to do with them? Give them to Mammie lol =).

    Anyways your site is awesomeness. Rock On =).

  12. Hey Mike, I can't wait to See You Play keyboard Again, December 2, 2009, MIAMI, Good Luck, I hope you get to do a keyboard solo, Have Fun and I will definitly bring Flowers for Miley, And I will reach out instead of throw them I promise :) Good Luck

  13. Hyya, never seen Miley in concert, but I have seen her onstage. She was about 9, onstage before her daddy's show at a Pa fairground. And all the women kept after her, "Go get your dad!" What a whip, she came back at em with "You'all think He's so great, you should smell one of his farts, you won't think He's so great."
    Been a fan ever since.