Saturday, November 24, 2007

A Night In Nashville

The Nashville show went really well:

My family picked the perfect one to see, as it was Miley's birthday, and during the second set we played Happy Birthday and brought out a cake.

A great time was had by all:

I gave my camera to my Mom, and she and my sister took some awesome pictures, like this one:
And Miley was happy with me, cause I gave her a Beanie Baby and a card that plays "I Got Nerve," so she visited Schmid Island during the show:

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  1. Well, looks like the show went well. Some nice pics in this one. Did you get in on some of that cake action? Schmid Island, is that like your own private hideaway?

  2. haha nice update and i laughed when you said Miley visited Schmid Island. but i was watching a video of her blowing out the candles and i think Kay or the other backup singer was like hey miley how bout a girls night out and then this guy walked up to Miley and I think he shoved cake in her face lol I couldn't really see it but I was wanting to know if he did or not. cause she walked off and I think Mandy her backup dancer was wiping Miley's face off lol

  3. AMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMAZING show!! I'm so glad we were able to get tickets! Now I just have to figure out how to pay this new mortgage! Wow, wow, wow and wow, you musicians were just amazing, your keyboard playing, Stacy on the drums and Jaco on guitar, it was such a pleasure to see and hear you guys, and oh yeah, Miley was GREAT too!! And the background singers, dancers, guitar techs, wardrobe people, pyro dudes, stage and production crews, crowd management, and toothpic venders,...etc.

  4. thegamerstwo: Yes, Schmid Island is what we call the keyboard platform. I own it.

    Anonymous 1: Indeed, Myke the dancer smeared some cake on Miley's face and ran off. She was looking for him so she could return the favor but couldn't find him, so we just started the next song.

    Anonymous 2: So so glad you enjoyed the show and that you appreciate all that goes into it! It was a good one to see.

  5. Schmid Island! hahaha cute picture of you and Miley

  6. Mike:
    I was at the show and it was incredible! I also liked when she sang the duet with her Dad. This show is SPECTACULAR! I wish everyone could see it. Mike, I waved to you but I was a little far back so you probably didn't see me, hehe. We had a great time and I love Miley and her Dad (her whole family too.) Thanks for this blog...I really enjoy it...
    Gail B.