Saturday, November 3, 2007

Good Day L.A.

Every now and then, people surprise you. And even more rarely, it's in a good way. I went home and saw Nicole and Noah. First off, Nicole and I had a typically unpleasant interaction, but as the day went on, things got shockingly civil and stayed that way. Now, granted, I'm not in the place I was a month ago, where a positive interaction with her would give me hope that we might be able to stay together. At this point, I understand that the marriage is over, but this visit really gave me hope that we'll be able to co-parent as a divorced couple.

It was nice to come home again, despite the brevity of the visit, and the fact that I wasn't actually sleeping there. I ran a lot of errands that I haven't been able to on the road (it's hard not to have a car).

And most importantly and wonderfully, I was able to spend a bit of time with the sweetest, cutest little boy in the world. We had a great time, and I took a lot of pictures:

And now that Nicole and I can actually talk to each other, she's going to be sending me pictures of him while I'm on the road. I love that little Noah. He's amazing. He's rolling over all the time, he's speaking adorable syllables and he's sort of strangely obsessed with technology. Every time I put the camera in front of him, he got this trance-like look on his face and tried to grab it.

Such a cutie:
I also was fortunate enough to see my dear friend Ben: one of my favorite people in the world. We had a great dinner at CPK and went to see "30 Days of Night," as we're both into horror movies. Well, let me save you the trouble. Here's my review: the movie is worse than unscary; it's completely uninteresting. Every component is awful, from the writing (Ben pointed out that every single line is a cliche), to the direction (so silly, but all taken so seriously), to the acting (Josh Hartnett's transformation from human to wooden pole is now complete!). It starts so slowly that we were internally screaming, "Show us the vampires already!!!" Then they showed the vampires. Too much of the vampires. And they all dressed in Banana Republic and spoke in a Russian-ish language, and it was so dumb that we were then internally screaming, "Stop showing us the vampires already!" Also, was there a sale on Crest Whitestrips or something? The teeth in this movie were so white it was actually distracting.

But I digress. Ben and I walked out and got a refund after about 45 minutes, as we would never have made it all the way through without ripping out our eyeballs. So completely boring. And the theater was packed, so it was a little tricky making fun of it...but we did a respectable job.

We went back to the Sportsman's Lodge and continued to make our own fun:

Good times were had.

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  1. Mike:
    Little Noah is adorable. Glad you got to see him and spend a little quality time. I have to say husband and I watched "The Black Donnellys" and we really didn't care for the story...too depressing and violent (like so many shows on prime time). However, I can remember that I heard some amazing songs and wondered where they came from. You are very talented and are on your way up for sure. Oh, and I see lots of Billy Ray fans commenting here. You should be very happy about that. They are the best and so is he and I am thinking you are too. Take care...
    Gail B.

  2. it's not all that strange for kids to be fascinated with technology. I had to set up password protection on my computer because my crazy kid started installing software on my computer when he was four. There are some great pre-school computer programs out there, and fisher price has a kid tough digital camera. They are designed to be thrown down a flight of stairs and still work. He's a little young for that right now, but in a few years he'll be the one running around taking your picture.