Friday, November 9, 2007

Love Ya L.A., See Ya San Diego

Lots to catch up on. During the final visit to L.A. I was able to spend a wonderful night with Noah:
I got to play with him, feed him and put him to bed. We had a lot of fun learning to sit up. I'm gonna miss that sweet fellow. The next time I'll see him is Christmas.

Wednesday night we played an intimate show at a quaint little venue downtown:

Everybody was a little nervier than usual, as we knew that all the Disney and Hollywood Records execs were in the audience, as well as Kobe Bryant, Kate Beckinsale, Heather Locklear and of course, children's-music-loving Nikki Six. The nerves resulted in one of our best shows yet.

The San Diego show was pretty great, too. The band is really having a lot of fun on stage. We're all making each other laugh. I had a goofy smile on my face for the entire show.

And Candice was really psyched that the SD Sports Arena, where we were playing, was the filming spot for Almost Famous. After Jaco revealed this to her, she made sure to tell every person she encountered.

Now we're in Phoenix, and prepping all our stuff to get shipped to Houston. We're actually flying there. I'm still not sure why.

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  1. Hey Mike!

    I've been reading your blog every day because it's awesome! Love the behind-the-scenes info :) So anyway, I went to the Miley concert in San Diego Thursday and saw you playing your keyboards! BTW- I noticed that goofy smile on your face when they pointed the camera for the big screen at you :P Just wanted to say you're awesome, and it was cool to see the awesome blog writer, as well as Miley and JB in person for the first time! Keep blogging!

    ~ Monica

  2. It is nice to see that you got to spend some time with Noah, nice to see that. So, a big show at the staples center, hope it was good and that you enjoy it. I do read this blog when i get a chance, so the daily updates are nice. I wish i could say the same for myself since i have not recorded an episode since last month.

    -the gamers two podcast

  3. Mike, that is so great that you got to spend some time with Noah. What a little cutie! I bet the show at the Staple Center was awesome. It sounds like by the time I see the show in Columbus, OH on Dec. 11th, you all will be really in the groove of doing the show and I can hardly wait to see it. Thanks for sharing your adventures on your blog.

  4. Thanks Monica! That SD show was a great one to catch. Glad you enjoyed it.

    Gamerstwo: I think it's easier to update daily when you're on the road. There's less other stuff to do. So, no pressure!

    Charma: Yeah, that Noah's a beautiful little fella. See you in Columbus!