Monday, November 5, 2007

Do You Know The Way OUT of San Jose?

Last night was a little rough. After the San Jose show, the band was going out to a big dinner at a really fancy restaurant. I got all dressed purty but I just wasn't feeling up to it. There was a lot of personal drama going on in my life, and I was really down. The combination of: a) the fact that I didn't want to bring everybody down with me on their fun night out and b) the fact that I just didn't feel like I could be around people - caused me to bail.

I wasn't about to just spend the night wallowing in my hotel room. I grabbed my iPod and walked the city of San Jose, hung out at a Johnny Rockets and went to a movie, cause I just needed some (more) distraction. Saw "Before The Devil Knows Your Dead," and it was amazing. Super-depressing movie, but it made me feel better just to get in a different headspace.

Today, I heard about the band's wild night. They had an amazing nine-course meal that ended up costing $1600, compliments of the chef, who was a friend of Jaime. Then they headed to the hotel bar and had a loud, drunken sing-a-long to Beatles songs.

Kinda bummed I missed that.

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