Thursday, November 29, 2007

Band Lingo

While on the road, in close quarters, the band has shared more than just germs. We've all adopted many of the same phrases. And a lot of these phrases come from Jaco Caraco, crazy hippie guitarist.


Aside from regular surfer/hippie/Topanga-resident sayings like "you got hosed" and ending conversations with "PEACE!", Jaco has contributed "not pro." For instance, when I pull out my ghetto cellphone, which gets crushed under the weight of simple texting, Jaco says "dude, that is so not pro."

Here are some other things that are not pro:

  • When Kay inevitably almost misses the bus
  • When your hotel key doesn't work, and it's 4am and you have tons of luggage
  • When Vashon has glitter on his arm during the show and nobody knows why
  • When there's no bottled water on the bus
  • When somebody poops in the dressing room bathroom
  • When Candice opens her mouth

This one comes from Stacy. When somebody's late for bus call (was me once, usually is Kay or Candice), Stacy will say "let's oil spot Candice." Ironically, the only person who's every been oil spotted was me, as I was referring to the "Book of Lies" (what we call our tour book with all our scheduling info, as it's always changed). They left because nobody noticed I wasn't on the bus. They all assumed I was online in my bunk or something. Can you believe that?

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