Saturday, November 17, 2007

Tasty Times In Tampa

I guess it's my turn again. The cyclical cold has made the rounds back to me. I was feeling pretty icky yesterday, but I awoke on the bus this morning with the nastiest pins-and-needles sore throat I've had in awhile.

The nice thing is: we don't work until Monday. So I have a few days to recover.

I made my way up to my room at the Tampa Westin, and before crashing like a jet plane into that comfy looking bed, I noticed this breathtaking view of the bay from my window:
I awoke again around 11am (we don't get to sleep for more than four hours at a time, it seems). I found Jackson's Bar next door, where they were serving bizarro dishes, like my spicy buffalo chicken salad. Truly weird and not so good. But all was made well as I was soon joined by the lovely Gabi and Kay. The three of us are basically the only tour folks in town, after the band left for LA, Candice is visiting family a few hours away and well...we can't hang out with the dancers, cause it's like we speak two different languages (just kidding, dancers!)

We hung out all afternoon by the bay and ate and drank and took this picture:
Then, as the sun went down, we grabbed our coats from the hotel and headed out to Channelside. All that eating and drinking made us hungry and thirsty. So we went looking for a venue.

This one didn't look so good to us:

So we went to Splitsville, a restaurant/bar/bowling alley/t-shirt emporium. We hung out all evening by the bowling alley and ate and drank and took this picture:

Then Kay and Gabi decided to keep the party going and join the crew a few towns away in St. Pete's. My serious sicky was kicking into high gear so I headed back to the hotel. But I know I'm going to hear some stories tomorrow, cause our crew is crazy! Might have to check Kay's blog in the morning.

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  1. Tampa sounds like a neat city. Sorry to hear that you are sick, hope you get better. At least you get some time off, until Monday.
    -thegamestwo podcast