Sunday, November 11, 2007

Ummm....Hello? Houston?

Okay Minneapolis. You're not alone. I'm starting to realize that if you don't live in L.A. or New York, on Sunday the USA is pretty much closed. Since we got into Houston yesterday, people have been recommending I check out the awesome Main Street, where everything happens. I thought I'd go there for breakfast this morning:

Not only was there only a tiny smattering of shops; almost all of them said:

So after about a half hour of walking through a ghost town, I headed back to the Four Seasons for some overpriced Cinnamon Rolls.

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  1. Mike, I know exactly what you mean. I live in Nevada and when I am at home I can find a good restaurant whenever I want because the casinos are always open. When I travel I have to remember that I’m ‘not in Kansas anymore’ and can’t have dinner at 11 PM. I am arriving in Nashville late on Thanksgiving night and I have a feeling I will be having Thanksgiving dinner at the Waffle House. I guess that is just part of the experience of being on the road.

    And speaking of being on the road, I hope everything continues to go well for you guys!

  2. I live in Minneapolis, and it is pretty boring on Sunday afternoons, unless there is a game on of some sort. But it is cold outside over here, so i guess if you came during the summer months, you could have seen more activity.

  3. ...a man who reads? They still exist? I hate Texas, b/c they don't allow vegan promos; totally banned the Alicia Silverstone adv. in the whole state and they're mean to cows!

  4. Russ - Thanksgiving dinner at the Waffle House?! That doesn't sound very nice at all. Thank you for your well wishes.

    thegamerstwo - Yeah, it was pretty cold when we were in Minneapolis... coldest city yet. I guess that explains it. But Houston has no excuse!

    SS - They do still exist! Texas is definitely a little on the odd side. It's sort of like visiting foreign country.