Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Tensile Strength Of A Good Attitude

I think I've reached my limit. As I mentioned earlier, my flu has progressed to a strong cold, which in my opinion, is a definite upgrade. I'm not a fan of congestion, but I can definitely handle it. I've had worse.

Well, tonight, like every other night, we were all sleeping soundly in our bunks on the bus. We were driving through Florida, up to Nashville, and we went through some severe pressure changes. When I woke up...

Yup. We're back to that. Sinus infection. But now both ears won't open.

I thought I just had to be careful on planes. Stay awake during takeoff and landing. Yawn. Chew gum. I learned my lesson. But apparently, I'm just supposed to never sleep. Anywhere. Ever. Okay, fine. I'm taking notes.

I'm not happy about this, though. I can barely hear a thing, and I need these ears! But let's not misplace our anger. I'm upset at you, altitude!

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  1. I have no idea if unsolicited medical advice EVER works, but do you ever rock the nasal rinse? It does good things to my boyfriend when he has a sinus infection.

    Also, is your tour coming anywhere near DC ever? If it is, let me know. We should have coffee or something.

  2. Sooory that you are sick Uncle Mike. Mommy just changed her desktop to that picture of us eating apples together after shopping! I love that one because we had so much fun! Have a happy Thanksgiving!!

    Love you!


  3. On the bright side, I saw you on Oprah today! Woohoo!

    Hope you feel better soon.

  4. Emily: Nasal rinse? I'll look into it. We are playing DC in Jan. Let's be in touch.

    Isabella: I like the apple picture too, cause the way you eat apples is so adorable!

    Anonymous: Thanks! I heard it was brief.