Sunday, November 4, 2007

Chill It Out Take It Slow, Then You Rock Out The Show

Happy to leave the Sportsman's Lodge. Here are some fingernail clippings that were in my room.
Not mine.

I thought the bus call time was 11am, but apparently that was the departure time. Stacy called me as I was leaving my room at 11, and said to hurry hurry hurry. So I grabbed all my bags and booked it down the hallway...and fell down a set of stairs with my bags. Fortunately it was a small set of stairs. I put on a good show for everyone in the vicinity though. Like a human cartoon.

I'm very sore cause I twisted all funny, but it wouldn't be a real tour if I didn't injure myself every couple days. Rock n' roll. I'm fine. When I arrived at the bus, I discovered that we were still waiting on some other people, so I suppose I could've briskwalked instead of trucking and tumbling.

We headed out to Anaheim to play a matinee show. It's so strange to play in the afternoon because people just aren't as pumped. It's hard to get super-psyched during the daytime. Also, Miley is a little sick. She has a sore throat, but she still put on a great show. I'm so impressed with her.

The other thing about a matinee is that it ends so early, that we're all confused on the bus. We're exhausted; it feels like midnight, but it's only 7pm. Most of the guys went to bed around 10pm, which is unheard of for these people. Kay and I stayed up and listened to music, and she introduced me to some really amazing rock artists (I'm the pop guy and she's the rock girl) like Electric Soft Parade, The Submarines and AC Newman. Awesome stuff. Tomorrow night, it's my turn to introduce her to some great singer/songwriters.

We were just about to go to bed, when Wildman (our driver - more on him later) informed us that we had arrived in San Jose. It was 2am. Apparently we were listening to music for hours and hours and didn't really notice.

We all slept at the Fairmont and now we're prepping for another matinee. But tonight we get to stay at the Fairmont again, which is unusual, and so much better than hopping on the bus right away.

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  1. I was at the show yesterday and it was amazing. and i was wondering is that why she didn't sign autographs?? Cuz she was sick? and that so cool that we get to see what you guys are doing keep up the good work!!

  2. Actually, she usually doesn't have time to sign autographs, but I think she did sign some yesterday. You can see some video of that at But I think it was over an hour after the show ended.

  3. Hi Mike! Those are great pictures of your son. I hope you will cherish every minute you have with him because kids grow up really, really quickly. It seems like just yesterday my son was Noah’s age and he recently celebrated his 25th birthday. I asked him how he got to be 25 so quickly and he laughed and said ‘The same way you got to be 50 so quickly’. Trust me, before you know it Noah is going to be asking his dad to teach him how to drive so love every minute you guys have together.

    Thanks again for all the great updates and I hope the tour continues to be fun for you guys!

    Gardnerville, NV