Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Links Aren't Just For Sausage

Those links on the right-hand-side of the page aren't just there to make it look like I have friends. I highly recommend you check out the blogs of two other wonderful people on the tour.

Kay Hanley, one of Miley's background singers and incidentally one of the coolest people alive, writes a blog (oops, Stacy hates that word...he wants us to call it an "e-journal") called "Strange Life". It chronicles her Red Sox fandom, tour partying, her other life (over Thanksgiving she's flying to New York to sing in the Macy's Day Parade. She wrote the new Care Bears song. Watch her on TV!), her family (complete with adorable children), and various other awesomeness. Kay is rock n' roll to the core. If she looks familiar to you, you were probably a huge Letters To Cleo fan. I know I was. (Look at Stacy on the drums with his blond hair!)

Or else you just really love Tigger & Poo.

Gregg Garbo, the bassist for the Jonas Brothers, writes an awesome e-journal called "Let's Go On Tour." He wittily covers everything from alligators to Steve Jobs to how Joe Jonas was featured on South Park last week.

This blog is delightfully droll. I love how he writes on the pictures. Gregg is an awesome guy, and hilarious to boot. We've been meaning to hang out, but we haven't gotten the scheduling together yet, as those Jonases are even busier than us. Some days, they play a show after the show! Crazy people.

I highly recommend both of these e-journals. I read them every day. Just one warning: these humans are funnier than me. You may never want to come back.

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