Sunday, November 25, 2007

Knock Knock Knoxville

Last night in Knoxville was a weird and awesome one. The film crew came back to grab a few shots for the movie (in Disney 3D theaters in February - don't forget!). They wanted us to play Guitar Hero III with Miley in her dressing room. We had an great time. I've only played it once at Jonathan Geer's house for a few minutes about a year ago, so I had low expectations of my performance. I beat Miley though - completely disgraced her actually, and proceeded to trounce Stacy at a song he knew but I had never heard. Jaime was pretty good (he beat Miley too), and he owes me a match-up at some point. Miley probably never wants to play with us again.

I was all amped up from whooping at GHIII, so I felt great during the show. However, I started noticing that every time the dancers moved, the entire stage in a wobbly sort of way. This was very alarming. I glanced at the other band members. They noticed it too. In between songs, I went behind the stage and mentioned it to a crew member and he said it probably wasn't a big deal.

We later discovered it was because in most arenas, the stage is built on ice, which it eventually sinks into and becomes quite stable. In this arena, we were built on concrete. Fortunately, the disaster scenario in my head where the stage collapsed and we all fell into a big hole in the ground never occured.

However, at the end, we were about to come back out for the encore, when Omar (the guy that runs the show) noticed a fire burning up in the rigging. Not a good thing. It was a tiny fire, but a fire nonetheless. So we ended the show right there.

Basically, one of the pyros (which are encased in a fireproof material) somehow caught fire. It happens rarely, and Omar said it probably would've just burned out without incident, but to be safe, we sent Cowboy (an awesome crew member) up there to put it out.

Disaster averted.

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  1. Mike, fire is never a good thing but at least the pyro had the decency to wait until the end of the show to catch on fire. It sounds like there are good people in charge of the show which doesn't surprise me since it is a Disney owned tour.

    The show in Nashville was awesome. It was a lot of fun even for us ‘old folks’ out there in the audience. Miley did an exceptional job and the band sounded great. I wish you guys could have made it to the Wildhorse to see BRC on Saturday. If you get a chance in the future I hope you catch him in concert. You won’t be disappointed because he puts on a great show.

    It was nice to meet you on Saturday at the Sommet Center. Keep making great music!

    Gardnerville, NV (currently in Music City)