Thursday, November 29, 2007

Party In Hotlanta!

Yesterday I had the distinct pleasure of meeting up with my dear friends Lindy and Janie in Atlanta. Janie is an uber-talented singer/songwriter and Lindy is an amazing web designer and musician.

We checked out a local gourmet eatery that we'd heard good things about:

It was tasty, and we had a lot to catch up on.

(L to R: Janie Chu, Lindy Freeland and me)

Lindy showed me her delightful little pocket companion: an electronic dictionary.

The US version doesn't have backlighting, so she had to import hers from the UK, which means that most of the pronunciations are British. Pretty awesome. Also, it has a full-on book of quotations, complete with biographies of all the quoted folks. I wants me one of these!

For dessert, Janie led us to a charming Korean bakery called White Windmill. We had to make some hard life decisions about which dessert to get:

I opted for the coconut bubble tea, which was apparently "crazy!"

And I had the strangest little strawberry pastry roll, which wasn't as good as I was hoping, and as Janie pointed out, was sort of like a Korean Ho-Ho.

Lindy took a picture of me taking a picture of my Korean Ho-Ho.

Janie had to scoot, but Lindy grabbed a husband (fortunately her own) and came out to the show. Lindy and Jason and I spent some time playing around with Ableton Live, which she's currently learning. I dropped some mad wisdom on her.

Only not really. I have no idea what I'm doing.

And in return, she took some amazing photos of the show, which I'll be posting. This one just became my new Myspace photo:

Yay for good cameras and people who know how to use them!

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  1. bubbly tea=happiness. My sister lived in AtL for for three years. I always wanted to hit Eddie's Attic open mic night. I hear it's the premier acoustic venue and has launched people like the indigo girls, john mayer, and a few others.

    Also, in the Peabody, they don't let you take the ducks home. I've tried.


  2. Sounds like you are having an awesome time, Mike...good for you, you deserve to! How's your little guy doing?


  3. If you think that pocket dictionary is cool, check out the brand new Amazon Kindle:

    It is seriously awesome! Pricey, but it rules.