Monday, November 12, 2007


Last night I went a-wandering the streets Houston looking for food. Once again, the pickings were pretty slim. I straggled into a steak place called The Strip House. Other than the dicey name, it looked pretty nice, and as I wandered in I saw Stacy, Jaime and Kay at the bar. A while later, Charlie (asst tour manager) and Vishon (bassist) walked in. I would say "what a coincidence!" but it was truly the only thing open.

We had a lovely (albeit extremely pricy) meal of delicious strip steak, goose fat potatoes, and about 92 different side dishes.

Then as if by magic, we found ourselves at the Warehouse watching MuteMath play their little hearts out. It was an incredible show and it really inspired all of us, even curmudgeonly Jaime, who doesn't generally like any music released after 1975. The lead singer was doing handstands on his Rhodes, they were picking up pieces of the drum kit and reconfiguring them, climbing the rafters, it was pretty crazy and pretty awesome. I was already a fan, but many of the other band members were converted. These guys are amazing musicians and amazing entertainers, which is a tough combination to find these days.

Tonight's show in San Antonio was a blast. Miley brought her cute little doggie to soundcheck.

And now we're headed to Dallas. I'm looking forward to seeing some friends there.

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  1. Slim pickings in food is never good, i have been to Houston and trying to find food was kind of difficult for me as well. And on a side note, that dog is pretty nice.

  2. I dig Mutemath. It took a couple plays to "get" them, but I knew from the first listen they were worth repeated spinnings. I'll put their album in between playings of High Cost of Living.
    Between them and yourself, I've also been digging Evermore, who is this sorta U2/Zeppelin hybrid from New Zealand. They're the biggest band in the Pacific Rim currently.
    at anyrate, I forgot what I was going to say next.

  3. thegamerstwo - are you saying you want to eat the dog? :)

    Aaron - yeah, I wasn't really into them the first time I heard them either, and I think their overly slick record doesn't really capture the unpredictable spark of their live shows. I'm happy to be in such good company in your iPod. I'll check out Evermore.

  4. Hi Mike:
    I loved the pic of Miley and Roadie. I once puppy sat her! She has grown and looks great. (I meant Roadie but Miley has grown too in many ways and also looks great.) Keep on looking for good's worth it. I am loving your blog. That band sounds awesome! Your description makes me feel like I was seeing them LIVE! I tend to like country but am branching out. Thanks...
    Gail B.

  5. I am so happy that I can see you today Mike!! Tarek and I are really just SO happy that we can see you.




    Ps - Isabella is so excited too!!

  6. Adorable pic. I love mIley mainly b/c she is a vegetarian and not b/c she doesn't like me, but b/c they suffer. I love to eat meat too, but as a humane human I can make a choice. I adore that kid for being the way she is and a cute pup too, what's the dogs name Mike?

    PS: Hey you keep up with the blog more often than Kay, sweet nuggetts to ya!

  7. Hahaha, I meant to say that I love Miley mainly b/c she is a vegetarian not b/c she doesn't like meat, but because they suffer.
    LOL meat and me, the two words are just so close, kidding...just my usual typo.

    PS: Post more pics of Miley Mike when you can catch her! Oh, and your regular web site is nice; it's really decent music.