Sunday, November 25, 2007


This afternoon in Greensboro, Jaco and Candice and I crashed a Christmas convention, where we blew some bubbles:
Tried on some hats:

And posed in front of the big balloon tree:

Fun. And when we returned to the venue, we were greeted by the camera crew, who wanted to film us warming up for the show singing some Hannah tunes.

[note: This is the first time we have ever warmed up.]

The show tonight was pretty uneventful. No fires or moving stages this time. But I did take my new HP camera (given to me by our sponsor) on stage and got these awesome pictures:

Candice (background vocals)

Ryan (dancer)

Miley (huge rockstar)

Marshall (dancer)

Miley all close-up

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  1. so you guys just take pictures in the middle of shows?
    I'm so glad you guys are so focused on your playing/singing/dancing/whatever you really do up there

  2. I'm not sure who you are but I'm sure I don't like your tone!

    Hehe, we have a lot of fun on stage and there are a couple songs where we bust out those cameras. I was still playing with one hand while I was taking these shots.

  3. haha sorry... I meant it as a joke
    I like the pictures; I think I'm just a little jealous since my camera recently broke.
    I actually enjoy your blog alot... learning about your various adventures on tour so sorry for any, I don't know, rudeness? or whatever you were reading in my tone

  4. saw you at sunrise! you guys put on an amazing show.. all of you!

  5. Love the pictures!!! Can't wait to see more.



    do you know why miley as hannah looks very strange?

  7. Cute pics. Playing with one hand and snapping with the other, just like a real pro musician!
    Well, thanks for tending to your blog Mike ( hm...sounds a bit perverted...)I say get Miley's signature on those pic and tell her if they're signed they could pay of your car for ya! Hahaha
    Keep em coming!PS: Where was Hanley?!

  8. Thanks all! Glad you like the pictures.

    SS: Hanley comes over for a couple songs, but those are my two-handers...couldn't grab the camera. I'll try to get a good shot of her one of these nights!

  9. nice pictures man i wish i could go to one of those concerts they seem like soo much fun. today a girl came to school wearing a Miley Cyrus concert t-shirt and I was like Why? haha but anyways keep us updated on your blog cause its really fun to read

  10. I'm glad you guys had fun in Greensboro, some of my fondest childhood memories take place in that city. There is always so much to do there and so much to see.

  11. I used to live in Greensboro, many years ago.... =)

  12. Glad you guys on stage seem to have so much fun. I havent seen a Miley/HM show but have read great reviews of them. I am sure enjoying eading your blog.