Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Dilly Dallying In Dallas

Today I was in Dallas with a day off, which means I had time to visit with some wonderful friends. I met up with Crista and her daughter Isabella, who is absolutely adorable and almost two years old, and my old college roommate Jonathan. We headed out to the Dallas Zoo, which is apparently not as cool as the Fort Worth Zoo. Eh. We had a good time anyway.

Here are some fake and real flamingos living in perfect harmony:

Isabella took her very first pony ride:

She conquered the monster slide:

So cute:
We ate lunch at an delightful, inexpensive and tasty restaurant called Madeleine's or something. Ridiculously awesome pumpkin pie.

Then we basically just sat around all afternoon, which was such a nice change. Crista introduced me to Skype. People have been telling me for months/years that I need to use Skype and somehow I always just shrugged it off. But Crista basically forced me to install it and it's great. Her husband Tarek came home to find Crista and I video chatting while sitting next to each other. Kind of odd but fun. Try it.

We topped off the day with dinner at the Outback Steakhouse. Yes I know...not very original or indigenous to Texas, but it's somehow always better than I remember. And we ended with the most mountainous chocolate cake I've ever seen...I'm still paying for it and it's 1am.

Tomorrow will be a lot of fun as Crista and Tarek are coming to the Dallas show. This is the first time I'm having friends out to see it. They're bringing some young ladies along who will most definitely be screaming their little lungs out. I can't wait.

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  1. Try to eat at a Saltgrass Steakhouse while you're in Texas. They have really good food. It's like an Outback, sort of, but much much much better food for only a little more expense.

    They have excellent appetizers. I recommend the beef embrochette or the range rattlers. Yummy!

  2. Awwwww!!! We had S O much fun (as opposed to so, or SO...it's much better, trust me!) Isabella had a wonderful day and you will always be a part of her first horsie ride!! It was so much (sorry, S O) fun to spend time with you and Jonathan again! I miss you guys so much. We will have S O much fun today!! Get ready Mike!!! :)Crista and Isabella

    Isabella - I love you uncle Mike!!! Thanks for the great pictures and video!!! http://youtube.com/user/cmakdouli

  3. I just noticed three of the four tabs on my browser open right now have something to do with Mike Schmid. I think I realized I'm now obsessed.


  4. Skype is is a pretty cool piece of software, thats how we do our podcast. You should get a recorder for it, it is quite good to have especially if you are interested in recording stuff.

  5. Awww, she's so cute!!! Cutest baby girl ever. Have fun at the Dallas show! (Do your ears ever get tired of listening to little girls scream? I was one of them in San Diego, and that was painful for ME.)

  6. Mike it has been so much fun reading your blog as you tour with Miley. Hope it continues to be lots of fun for you

  7. Crista: I enjoyed it too! Thanks so much for the hospitality.

    Aaron: I hope you never seek help.

    Monica: She certainly is adorable. (I have earphones in during the show, so the screaming girls are not as loud for me).

    Shirley: So glad you're enjoying the blog. Nice to have you here.