Sunday, December 16, 2007


Warning: This entry contains rants. Miley fans read at your own risk.

We're back in America. Hallelujah. We were welcomed by a thoughtless and mean noreaster. It didn't seem so bad, but we were hearing reports of three feet by morning.

After slogging through several miles of gorgeous snowy ugliness, we arrived at the Hyatt. It seemed nice enough.

The powers-that-be said they'd be deciding by 9am if there would be a show.

I put in my breakfast order before I went to bed so that I could wake to a delicious happy morning around 10:30.

Not so much with that.

11am rolled around and nothing. Around 11:15 a man came in with my breakfast...

Once again not so much.

It was somebody else's breakfast. My first clue was that my bill should have read $9.95, and this one said $55.

Umm, no.

I notified the man that this was the wrong order and he started complaining. "It's because of this Hannah Montana tour. They're filling up our entire hotel and it's throwing everything off." I politely(ish) told him that I was part of said tour. His face went white and he slinked out of the room with his big dumb wrong order.

So I went without breakfast. Whatever.

Then I headed to the elevator where I saw Stacy and a bunch of dancers. They said they'd been waiting for the elevator for literally fifteen minutes. They had already sent Vishon down on an elevator without his bags so he could let the elevator empty out and save it for them. He hadn't been seen for at least ten minutes.

See, apparently the stupid Hyatt told all these stalker kids where Miley would be and what time she was checking out. This basically led to pandemonium in the hotel, and all we could hear was hysterical juvenile screaming coming from the elevator shaft.

After another ten minutes, Vishon finally arrived in an empty elevator. We packed the thing full of all our bags and headed down from the 21st floor.

We proceeded to stop at every single floor on the way down, each time the doors would open to the sight of young pink-wearing little girls who were clearly disappointed to see us. Sometimes they would whine "where's Hannah Montana?" And sometimes they would just walk off in disgust. But one thing's for sure: their parents were enabling all this.

We finally hit the first floor and were "welcomed" by a wall of fans that we had to push through (haven't these people heard of moving out of the way?) and then once we got out to the buses, we had to push through another crowd of fans (with their enabling parents who were saying things like, "look, that guy has a guitar case!").

Okay, I would like to add to my List of Rules:

+DO come to the show and party!
-DO NOT come to the hotel and party.
+DO scream like a crazy person at the show.
-DO NOT scream like a crazy person at the hotel.
+DO wait outside the buses after the show (if you REALLY want to)
-DO NOT wait in front of the buses before the show.

Miley is a huge star, and deservedly so. She's very charismatic and cool. I can see why you'd want to meet her. But people...let's just use some common sense and be courteous of others.

Oh and also, shame on you Hyatt, for 1) not knowing how to handle a large group, and 2) telling little girls the location of Miss Miley Cyrus. That's just a no-brainer.

End rant.

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  1. haha this is funny.
    miley/hannah/jonas fans are psychotic.
    i went with my friends last minute in rosemont illinois and the crowd was just as crazy as warped tour.

  2. hey mike

    (nice name)

    just stumbled upon your blog

    hyatt hotels are very strange

    the first (and last) one I stayed at:

    room service people were very rude
    plus the food isn't that great

    they sent maid service at 6am
    before I was even awake

    and the floor I was on
    smelled like several dozen kinds of ass

    hopefully things will get better
    or you'll leave rochester soon


    i'll keep reading


  3. wow that sounds horrible i can't believe parents would let their kids act like that. but i hope the rest of the day gets better.

  4. haha your blogs are pretty humorous
    ill make sure to follow your list of rules when i go to the show in a couple weeks.

  5. bahahaha.

    entertaining, really.
    but sad.

    looks like you're having a blast! haha.

    good luck with the rest of your tour.

  6. Hyatts are either supremely good or extremely messed-up.
    You got the latter. :[
    Tomorrow'll be better.

  7. haha- you're funny. great voice,btw =)

    i tried to get tickets for the miami show but no surprise-no luck. Luckily, i was at the sunrise,fl show. Its a good place for the last stop..downtown miami is pretty awesome, you'll have fun. good luck with the rest of the tour! enjoy!

  8. HAHA, loved that! just vent mike, vent :)

  9. HAHAHA. You basically just made my day. I went to the show at the Staples Center to see the Jonas Brothers (no offense), and I swear I was the only one over age 10. You guys did a great job though.

  10. Haha, i love Miley to pieces (As a fan) but i would never do that. It's crazy, just because she's big on TV and music wise people need to give her a break and stop attacking her. Your post was funny. Haha, i tried to get tickets to the Miami show as well but failed to, i went to the Sunrise and had a blast. I wish i would go to Miami just because it's where you guys are ending the tour and i'd wanna be there too! I met Mandy & Ashlee at Sunrise. :)

  11. Mike Schmid, you are the bomb
    Ohh, and when the elevator doors opened to a bunch of disgruntled eight year olds, you guys should've told them Miley was down the street or something
    That would've cleared them out in no time

  12. oh jeez...i'm sorry, but you'd think the people at Hyatt would have the common sense to NOT tell everyone that Miley is in the hotel. it's definitely one of the times that lying is OK...

    either way, ranting is good! let's all the anger out, so just let it out mike!

    by the way, did any of those girls ever end up seeing Miley, or did she get snuck out of a secret passage or dressed up as...not herself/hannah montana?

  13. I have been following your blog since you were here in St. Louis for the "dress rehearsal" I was looking for any follow up info from that (review etc.) I took my entire girl scout troop (none of which were able to get tickets to the opening show so they were really lucky and very appreciative). It was an amazing night and one that I won't ever forget (as an adult and mom) and I hope that they don't either - for most it was a once in a lifetime and they got to see the HSM director too - ahh the memories. The girls were disappointed when at 10pm I wouldn't let them stop at the 1 kiosk that was open to purchase tour shirts and such. (are they ever happy???) Anyway I was wondering when the fans would catch up with you all on tour. I can only imagine the chaos. I was really wondering if Miley stays at another hotel or if you hotel posts don't go up until the next day.

  14. Culture left Rochester about the time George Eastman wrote his farewell note.

    Sounds like the Hyatt shoulda brought in some security. In feigned defence of the hotel, the kids (or their parents) probably found the Hyatt by process of elimination. There's really only one other hotel in town that can cater to the rich and famous and I think it's closed for renovation.

    I hope someone tipped the masseuse. The kid could use a new ride.

  15. Mike, you look great in profile! This is my favorite pic of all the ones you have posted. Sorry things are getting you down. Think positive! Sending you a cyber hug! I will see the show again in Baltimore! Watch for me waving at you, LOL!
    Gail B.

  16. yeah, i was there during all of this chaos too. and the people at the restaurant added like 80 more dollars onto our check. i have to agree though all the little children were driving me insane, me and my friends kept telling them to calm down. even though we were getting excited just because we waited forever for that day. oh and we saw you leaving the hotel too. haha

  17. Mike, welcome!

    Julizzle, it's funny you say that. We were just saying the same thing on the bus. The Hyatt's seem to go one way or the other, to the extreme.

    Thanks to all for your comments. It's funny, writing this rant-y post, I thought I might upset my readership or something, and this has turned out to be my most-commented-on post! You guys totally get me!

  18. Ooooh. I was there. I have to say...I saw all this commotion as I was taking a walk down the other side of the road. I actually saw you come out too. Man...those kids wouldn't shutup.