Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Dick Clark's Rockin' Eve

Breaking news. We'll be playing Dick Clark's New Years' Eve special. So pay a little more attention at your ball-dropping-party-of-choice, as we'll be rockin' your TV screen. And scream "Happy Birthday" to said TV screen, cause I was born on the last day of the year!

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  1. look for people from my company, Rubenstein, as they will be in charge of the evening!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I'll scream happy birthday at the tv screen! lol!


  3. I Digg this post, so i dugg it. Ill watch out for this on TV.

  4. Hi Mike: That's great news about New Year's Eve. I am going to wish you a Happy Birthday and Happy New Year now because I usually fall asleep. I will DVR the show and watch it next day. Have a great time!
    Gail B.

  5. Mike, this is awesome news that you will be Rockin' on the Dick Clark New Year's Eve special. I will be sure to watch and will also be wishing you a Happy Birthday! Now, that is one fantastic way to celebrate your birthday. This has been quite a year for you.


  6. I'm at a hotel right now, and I took your advice and almost threw out the glasses when I saw them
    Thanks for the health update, Inspector Mike!

  7. I so will scream "Happy Birthday"! My sister will think I'm crazy, lol. Any hints as to what song you will be performing? Please :)

  8. oh yeah! hints would be nice.. but i guess they're not necessary to get me to watch it anyway.
    jonas brothers!
    miley cyrus!
    mike schmid!
    kay hanley!
    candice accola!

    it's definitely going to be a party.

    oh. and why are you guys staying in massachusetts if you have a concert in rhode island tonight? (12/20/07)

  9. Hey! I work on that show! I don't know if I can venture out of the live truck... it is too cold... even to say hi to you Mike. :)