Sunday, December 30, 2007

Wanna Know Why You're Reading This? Let Me Tell You!

After 835 votes, the "Why Do You Read This Blog" poll is closed. Of all my readers:

-a whopping 45% of you are Jonas Brothers fans
-18% of you are Mike Schmid fans
-14% of you are Miley/Hannah fans (this is shocking!)
-9% of you just like pithy tour blogs
-6% are totally bored
-and 8% of you said "other" and left me fun comments. Some of my personal favorites were:

"I have no life"
"I like sarcasm"
"Mike Schmid is the next Sufjan Stevens!"

Thank you all for voting!

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  1. so that many people are reading this because they're Jonas Brothers fans? Wow, I feel like a square, I've never even heard of them before. But then, I'm not 15, either. I'm just a Mike Schmid fan. :)

  2. Wow, that many JoBro fans? I mean, I like them, but I'm just here 'cause I'm a huge Miley fan :)
    I'm totally getting into your music though Mike. I bought the EP.

  3. I don't get why Jonas Brothers fans are reading this blog (I'm not saying that it's a bad thing lol)...
    I'm a Miley fan, and I'm now a Mike Schmid fan!

  4. We didn't vote, but just for the record, we are greg garbo fans!! And now Mike Schmid fans too.
    Sammi and Valerie

  5. im a jb fan but i voted for both that and a fan of yours bc ive become a mike fan :] haha btw i saw the miley concert tonight at the prudential center in newark and you guys did a great job !

  6. haa, i voted for JB. =) not that i don't love you, mike.

  7. I originally found about your blog through Garbo's, but I have a became a fan of yours. Congratulations, your music is now in heavy rotation on my iPod. :)

  8. I voted for the "I'm a Mike Schmid fan" several times a day on multiple computers.
    It's funny that the Brothers Jonas won, seeing as how I believe of the artists listed, you actually mention them the least.
    Oh well, such is the internet.
    I suppose for other, I could have said, "Because I love Mike Schmid"
    Also, even though I hate birthdays, I hope yours ROCKS!!!! And I will be watching for you tomorrow night!


  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKE!! Hey, if I had known you could vote multiple times, I would have voted...ahhh multiple times and the outcome might have been different. I thought you were only supposed to vote once...silly me...
    Gail B.
    Miley Fan
    and All

  10. you have no idea who i am but i love you mike schmid.
    your the man.

  11. Ya know Mike, I bet there's a lot of us "Mike Schmid fans" that didn't add anything to your poll, kind of like me. ;) So you have a broader base anyhow.
    Miss ya,