Saturday, December 1, 2007

The Littlest Rock

No offense, Arkansas, but your capital is mind-numbingly dull. Little Rock is a wasteland. And we had our day off here. Candice and I were going to take a cab to see a movie, but this town just sapped us of all our energy. So we took naps instead.

Most of us just stayed at the hotel the whole day, which fortunately has an adjoined Benihana's. So we had a lovely dinner, and then for me it was an evening of getting my work done in my hotel room. At least we had free internet.

Hopefully the crowd will be super-energetic for our matinee show today.

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  1. for some reason this made me giggle - I never thought of rock concerts having a "matinee," but I suppose that makes sense seeing as how a good portion of the fans are probably in their 'tweens. Heh heh. Must be nice to be seeing so much of the country, even if it's boring places you'll never want to come back to, at least you can mark it off your list!

  2. I hope this trip through Arkansas goes better than your last one, with the van/trailer fire and all.

  3. Not much written, barely any photos so not much to comment - but i had to say that I have not yet heard this song and if it is your voice, it is really good and soothing and I really love this song. I was going to say like, but no, I love it. So should I now buy your CD? ;)

  4. Cheyenne, that's a very good way to look at it. Now I know I never want to come back to Little Rock.

    Aaron, made it out with my clothes this time! Hooray!

    SS, thanks. So glad you love the song. Of course you should now by my CD! Snow Day is on iTunes. Go check it out.

  5. Mike, I really like this song and will check out your CD. You have a great voice. I will be seeing you in Columbus, OH at the Miley concert on Dec. 11th. Hope you like Columbus, OH better than Arkansas.

  6. Thank you anonymous one! I'm happy that you like it.