Thursday, December 27, 2007

A Wonderful No-Frills Christmas

This was a different kind of Christmas. A wonderful no-frills Christmas.

My Mom had just recently gotten out of the hospital after a difficult surgery (she's recovering quite well), so my parents hadn't any time to prepare for the holidays. And being on tour, I hadn't any time to shop either. So on the night of the 23rd, we hit one shop-filled strip and did all our shopping in a couple hours.

We decided to celebrate Christmas on the 24th, since I had such a short time at home, we thought why not spend less time on the anticipation and more time on the celebration? We also decided that wrapping presents was a waste of our precious time, so we put the gifts in previously-used Christmas bags and boxes, and put them under our cute little purple tree (my Mom's name and favorite color are both Violet).

Then our neighbor Susie delivered a boysenberry pie that she baked. My Dad thought we should make that my birthday pie, so he cut up a straw and put the pieces in for candles:

Of course we didn't light them on fire cause who likes to eat melted plastic?

On the 24th, we opened our presents by the purple tree.

We followed that up by doing a little more Christmas shopping, but not very much. Then we returned home and played with our new gifts, which meant much playing of Portal on The Orange Box (the cake is a lie!).

Also, the house was fairly dirty, as I've been gone for awhile, and my sweet parents swooped in (as they do) and made everything nice:

On the 25th, we celebrated my parents' birthdays, which were back in October, by eating yummy Italian food and seeing "Enchanted," which is much better than you might think (quite fantastic, actually).

Also, there was much more playing of Portal on The Orange Box. Delicious.

I flew back to New York after my short three-day break feeling quite rejuvenated. We're staying at a very old hotel with some very strange quirks. Today I turned on the shower and was greeted by brown water. Ahh, New York.

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  1. Looks like you had a fun Christmas. The Orange Box is amazing, portal is by far the most innovative thing I have played in a while, still waiting to order the plush companion cube. BTW, look out for me on team fortress 2, name is indiancompanion on steam, unless you got the console version, then too bad.
    P.S. the cake is a lie

    -the gamers two podcast

  2. I loved the movie Enchanted.
    I didn't think it would be very good, but boy was I wrong.
    Glad you had a nice Christmas!
    Family is the best.

  3. lmao. the cake is a lie! my cousin keeps saying that and i was still confused on what it's from.

  4. God bless family, it looks like you had a great time. Merry late Christmas!

  5. Wow, you saw Enchanted? I loved the movie, but the special effects were a little too disney, and the ending a little too predictable... Glad you had a Merry Christmas!

  6. I saw Enchanted on the 25th, too! Haha! It's a very good movie.

  7. Hey, I found some pictures of you, they are pretty sweet

  8. hey mike,
    happy holidays, hope your mom is doing better! you rocked on stage tonight at the hannah concert! i'm surprised you don't like the hotel, it's known to be pretty nice. just be glad you're not staying at the marriott next door to the venue, you can bet there were tons of girls waiting, hoping miley was there!
    alex (:

  9. here's a pictue of you and Joe Jonas from tonight, great job
    see you again tomorrow night=)

  10. Welcome to NYC, Mike. Or Long Island, I guess. You've hit a pretty good weather streak, although it's no LA.

    Happy holidays and good luck with the shows in the Coliseum and in the Meadowlands.


  11. The "candles" on that "cake" are amazing
    And I have to say your violet tree is a lot better them my green fake one

    Wanna trade?

  12. I was watching the news and it was talking about the show at Nassau Coliseum and I thought of you!

    How did the show go????? ;D

  13. Portal is amazing! I finished it rather quickly because I couldn't stop playing it. I was addicted to it for a couple of days until I discovered Team Fortress 2. Whatever you do, don't play that game. I'm certain that it is more addicting than crack or meth. I seriously can't stop playing it. It is the funnest thing ever. Ever.

    However, if you decide to play it, contact me and I'll point you toward the servers our "clan" use. They're the best! :-)

  14. What do you mean you don't like eating melted plastic? I've seen you in catering before...its pretty much the same thing.

  15. I saw Enchanted and thought it was good as well. I also saw Juno and I have to applaud you on your choice in movies because I loved it so much.