Monday, December 10, 2007

Pinned Under The Weather

Chicago was lovely. And cold.

My first order of business was to get some heavy outerwear. Just the walk to H&M in my old thin coat was excruciating. The heavily-bundled walk back was cake, though.

I saw my dear friend Kurt, from high school. We talked politics and he enlightened me on even more horrible things our government is doing, and how I should vote for Ron Paul.

And we were off to Indianapolis. And I got sick...some more. Which made that show very challenging. As in, "I hope I can stay on my feet for this next song" challenging.

As King of the Land of Obvious, I'd like to remind you that I did not intend on spending this entire tour sick. I'd like to think I was getting better, other than the Cough That Never Dies.

But now I've adopted this brand new cold/flu "friend." Possibly happened during that H&M walk. I'm trying to drink lots of liquids and sleep and spend this day off in Columbus getting healthy. The whole Jonas Brothers backing band is sick too. Solidarity!

To add injury to insult, I sliced my finger in a big way, which has been fun to slam all over the keyboards. Luckily, Kay lent me some stylish Band-Aids:

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  1. That is the most stylish band-aid I've ever seen!

    And H&M is only the most amazing store ever!

    Hope you get better...I hate being sick, but at least I don't have to try to performe while trying not to die...get well soon!

  2. cute Hello Shitty band aid...I got a little scared as to what the hell kinda pics are you posting ...cause as you scroll doesn't look like a finger right away...

  3. Two words of advice for you, Mike:

    1. Take at least three GRAMS a day of Vitamin C

    2. Definitely vote for Ron Paul :-)

  4. aww man why is everybody getting sick and why are you still sick. dang that must really suck. You've been sick this entire tour. I feel really bad for you. and i hope everyone gets to feeling better by Wednesday cause i get to go to the Lexington concert and see all of yall. Hopefully Miley visits Schmid Island so i can take a picture lol. but anyways i hope you get to feeling better

  5. i own those bandaids! they always cure my cuts

  6. OMG Kurt! He looks great.

  7. Good to see that Kurt is alive and well!

    Nice bandages matched Abbey b/c she had one on the other day too LOL


  8. It was great to see you in Chi-Town Mike! Thanks for listening to my ramblings. I'll definitely be letting you know when I'm coming to the West Coast - and I'm definitely taking you to a show! Merry Christmas!