Tuesday, December 4, 2007

My Bald Foreign Friend

This tour has a massive cast and crew. I'm still meeting crew members I haven't seen before. Two weeks ago I met Iggy at dinner. Very cool guy.

As a crew member, he's got a very interesting perspective on this tour, and he's begun writing his own truly behind-the-scenes blog. I've added a link to it on the right-hand-side of this page. You can also get to it HERE.

We band members just show up and take for granted that the set looks the same every day. But Iggy's entry for today shows just how much work goes into putting it all together. A fascinating read.

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  1. Hey . :)
    I like your blogs.
    They're actually interesting .
    I've been viewing your website for awhile now, and I finally got up the nerve to comment.
    I tend to make an idiot of myself in comments. :S

    Anyways, It's amazing that you're a sideman for Miley Cyrus . :)
    I love her music, it's amazing, and you can tell her I said that. ^^
    I know you probably can't, but if you could get her to email me that would be amazing . <33 : )
    Or comment on my website.


  2. Ahhh...yes, I see what you mean now.

  3. Tiffany: Thanks for speaking up! Nice to have you here.

    Iggy: It begins...