Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Pillow Menu

Our final show in Worcester tonight was a giddy festival of fun. It was like the last day of school when everything is exciting and silly.

We all split off to separate buses to our various destinations (as everybody is headed in different directions for Christmas), meaning we got to ride with Ellen from makeup, Tiffany from wardrobe and Gabi from ticketing. This equals fun. We had lots of wine and bonded over all the music we like in common. We were blaring The Pixies, Travis, Royksopp, and other awesomeness for hours. It was nice to listen to something that wasn't Iron Maiden or AC/DC for a moment.

And now here we are at the Holiday Inn and I'm at a crossroads.

Upon entering my room, I encountered this:

It's like pillows in prison. How...different. But my confusion was dispelled when I saw this:

I then tested them all and found that none of them were comfortable.

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  1. that's what bugs me about "specialty pillows"...they're all supposed to be different, and yet each one "gives you a restful sleep".

    but none of them actually do!

    whatever happened to the good old days when a pillow was just a pillow and there wasn't any of this confusion?

  2. You should definately make "Full House" downloadable.

    I love it, I've been singing it all day :)

  3. Hey Mike, Merry Christmas!
    I do hope you have a great Christmas seeing all you've had to go through this year. I hope you're enjoying your weekend off with your family. Checking your blog has been the highlight of my day, just as "High Cost of Living" was the highlight of my year.
    much love my man!

  4. I also feel the need to mention, this year's official Christmas soundtrack has been Snow Day along with Sufjan's epic songs for Christmas.
    The songs on Snow Day sound great no matter what time of year.

  5. I realize that this is irrelevant and very very late, but I just got stuck in a Holiday Inn with a similar menu, although there were only three pillows on each bed. And I couldn't get a wink of sleep because I had to try all six of them, just in case one mysteriously happened to be comfortable (none of them were).

    And I thought of this entry. I've been lurking for a while, so I just thought I'd say hello and send you some (very) belated Christmas wishes.

  6. You should have turned Travis up louder. lol!