Thursday, December 6, 2007

Apparently My Sleep Number Is Zero

We had to say goodbye to the Royal Park Hotel in the snow, knowing full-well that our next hotel was a Radisson. Goodbye, my love.

Last night, at the Rochester show, I noticed that the stalls in the bathroom were made by:

Yes. It does say "Hiny Hiders."

While backstage, I had a terribly depressing phone conversation, and I really wasn't feeling very happy, with only three minutes to showtime. Jaco turned to me and said, "But now you get to go play in front of 15,000 people! So life is good."

And life was good again. It's hard to be too depressed when you have the best job in the world.

We all went out and played like little kids with a License to Rock. And so I experienced the healing power of Hannah Montana.

After driving about 120 miles in the snow, watching season one of Dexter all the way (Candice and I want to get the band into it, and it seems they're quite enjoying it), here we are at a semi-dumpy Radisson in Grand Rapids. Once again, as with the Radisson in Moline, my Sleep Number bed is broken. Do these things ever work?

And I realize I sound like a hotel snob, and I have become a hotel snob.

But would it really kill them to just get a nice TempurPedic? And leopard bathrobes? And marble sinks? I mean, come on.

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  1. pardon the pun, but Dexter KILLS!!!! I absolutely LOVE that show!

    And there is no reason to be ashamed of being a hotel snob. It comes with the job! You should be picky about it!

  2. "Hiny Hiders", thats hilarious. I am not a big fan of the sleep number beds, i stayed at a radisson once, and the sleep number beds there did work, but they took like 10 minutes to find a decent number. I just want to go to bed, not waste time finding a number. Anyways, hope you are enjoying your adventures.

  3. So right now, I'm playing High Cost of Living for my 18month old twin nieces and they really love it. You should really consider the 0-5 demographic, I hear that's the next big target.

  4. Okay, so I never stay anywhere, but this one time we stayed at this really nice hotel, and the next night we went from that to the grossest place like ever. It was horrendous, I understand how you keep staying at nice places, then your standards have become higher. I'm not enjoying the frost here in chicago. Welcome, come Saturday you'll be here.

  5. we have hiney hider bathroom stalls on my college campus too.

  6. Hiney Hiders has always been my favorite brand of public toilet stalls. The best desigin is the tacky blue marble!

  7. Apparently Aly is a big expert on these matters. Is this a hobby we could undertake? We see enough bathroom stalls as it is...

  8. Hi Mike,

    Is Dexter really great? I am a big fan of Six Feet Under too.
    I work for Select Comfort, the creators of the Sleep Number bed. I spotted your post and I wanted to offer our apologies. If it's ok I would like to send out a voucher for a free one night stay at Radisson in an attempt to make up for the inconvenience. We will be sure that the Grand Rapids Radisson checks all their beds asap.