Saturday, December 1, 2007

Don't Eat The Lobster

The Little Rockers were pretty rowdy. We had a great show, despite the hardships.

The hardships being: Stacy (drummer/musical director) and Charlie (road manager) both enjoyed some chow at yesterday evening's aforementioned Benihana experience. And then they proceeded to throw up all night. It was the lobster. They both looked like ghosts this morning and were sick all day.

Stacy had to keep a giant trash bag by his drumset during the show, just in case. And I only saw Charlie once, which is very unusual, cause he gives us our show calls ("twenty minutes," "five minutes," etc). Hopefully he was napping somewhere.

Also, I'm still sick. It just never ends. I occasionally go to sing and let out a hearty cough instead...which I try to play off as a laugh.

But at least I don't have food poisoning.

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  1. way to look at the bright side! =)

  2. Look, it's miley at schmid island again:
    at about 4 minutes...
    Love your face.

  3. I thought you might enjoy this little gem from Armpit, NC (also known as Greensboro...but whatever.)
    You can't see yourself, infact you can barely see anything, but it's the thought that counts, right?

  4. OOohhhh Mikeeeeee!! Isabella and I both had food poisoning today. It was awful!! She is indisputably THE sweetest baby ever though. While I was throwing my lungs up, she was at mu side resting her little head on my side, patting me with her hand and saying "ooooohhhh Mama, oooohhhh mammmmaaaa". It was so loving and really made me feel better! I love that little girl so much!


  5. Mike, is that you singing the beautiful Christmas song? Sounds really, really, voice and lyrics...
    Gail B.

  6. Yuck..:[
    I hope you all feel better soon!

  7. Thanks, Hannah.

    Sarah and Wildlife Conservationists, loved the video!

    Crista, I'm so sorry to hear about your food poisoning, but it's nice to know that Isabella will take care of you. :)

    Gail, yup that's me. If you want some more, you can find Snow Day on iTunes! (hint hint)

    Thank you anonymous. I think it's a little better every day.

  8. no joke...i dined at the benihana's in little rock once and looked over during my meal to the sight of a cockroach crawling on my brother's shoulder. YUM!

  9. Mike, I hope you are feeling better soon. It must be difficult to perform when you are not feeling well, but the show must go on, right?

  10. Julie: Okay. Seriously then. That Benihanas is "on notice."

    Anonymous: Thank you. And that's the thing -- the cast and crew is occasionally injured or sick, but the show always rocks, cause nothing can take away the ROCK!