Friday, December 28, 2007

Our Wacky Schedule

For the ultra-curious, here's our typical daily rundown:

Anywhere between 10am-1pm - Wake up, scavenge for food (get room service? or go exploring the town?)
3:00 - Hop on the bus, go to the venue
4:00 - Sound check
5:00 - Dinner at catering, then find a way to fill the remaining time (massage, blogging, reading, just sort of sitting around)
7:00 - Show starts (Jonas Brothers go on)
7:40 - We've all got to be dressed and ready
7:45 - We form the Circle of Power with Miley and psych up for the show
Around 7:50 - We go on stage
9:35 - Show ends, we change back into street clothes
10:00 - Back on the bus, have dinner
11:00 - We roll out to the next city. Depending on the drive, this takes anywhere from one to thirteen hours. During this time we watch movies, chat and sleep in our bunks.
5am-ish: We arrive in the next city, wake up a little bit, groggily grab our luggage and head up to our hotel rooms. This is when I take my hotel portrait for the blog (that's why I always look so tired) and post it. Sometimes I'll write an entry too. Then it's off to bed.

And then we do it all over again.

DISCLAIMER: I don't know Miley's schedule, or the Jonases. This is just the band's routine.

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  1. thanks for this! im one of the "ultra-curious" haha!

  2. Thanks for this!!
    Im really depressed, I was just about to buy tickets on and then the site crashed :(

  3. Thanks Mike. I am enjoying your blog and yep I am one of the curious ones.

  4. Mike, that is very interesting to know how your schedule goes. It does sound a little whacky, but also it sounds very exciting to be on this tour. I loved seeing you at the Columbus, OH show and got some good photos of you on stage.


  5. besides that busy continues schedule, you did great last night. you looked surprised, at least to me, when joe came up and began playing on your keyboard.

  6. 10am wake up??? Whaaaaaaaaaaat?! That's it, I'm becoming a keyboard player. Actually Vashon offered to help me fix a light, maybe I can trade jobs.